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Collectibles: Gold: 1, Silver: 4, Bronze: 6

Dance Party

Walk down the steps to the dance floor and speak to the bartender. He’ll tell you to go and see Nishimura. He’s in a room down the hall to the right. After a brief talk he’ll tell you to be careful of Takamoto.

When you head back to the dance floor you’ll be confronted by Takamoto and his Guards. Lara will quickly change into a more flexible outfit and you’ll take control in the middle of a fight.

Use the jumping attack to slow down time and kill the Guards quickly. Pick up their rifles if you don’t have any other weapons. A few more Guards will appear from the hallway leading to the elevator. After taking them out Nishimura will give you a keycard pass to access the lift.

Construction Area

Ride the lift up to the next floor. Inside you’ll see a motorbike behind a glass panel but you can’t access it yet. Instead head out the sliding door to the left. Shoot the barrel and then climb up the downpipe.

Jump to the platform to the right and then onto the roof. Climb up to the higher roof and shoot the box to reveal Bronze Statue (1/6).

Use the grapple to pull open the glass roof and drop into the building. Head down the stairs and break the box under the stairs for Bronze Statue (2/6) and then the box on the other side of the room for Silver Statue (1/4).

Hop onto the bike it ride it outside. Continue around to the right and take a leap over the bridge. After the Quick Time Event (left, up, down), jump to the striped pole and make your way across the top level of the walkway.

There is a collectible on the lower walkway but you can get it from the other side of the street. Shoot the ring attachment to free the rope and swing across. Take the zip line down to the other side. Turn around and shoot the box on the lower walkway for Bronze Statue (3/6). You can grapple it from here.

Turn back to the right and use the grapple to pull the platform closer and jump across to it. Jump and grapple onto the ring above, turn to the right and swing to the next platform. Continue along the side of the building until you can swing across to a courtyard.

Take out the 3 Guards and 2 Dogs and then head through the door into the building. Go downstairs first and break the box for Bronze Statue (4/6).

The Office

Head up the two flights of stairs all the way to the top. Walk through the gap in the railing onto the pipes. Climb across the pipes on the wall and jump onto the large pipes with the box. Break it for Silver Statue (2/4).

Drop down and go through the doors to an administration area. There’s quite a few Guards in this office so take them all out. The box in the office to the left of the large screen has Bronze Statue (5/6). Kick or throw a grenade at the left locker in the raised section for Silver Statue (3/4).

Shoot the attachments on either side of the large screen to release it and then use the grapple to pull it down. Jump up to it and kill the 2 Guards behind it. I prefer to use the Shotgun for the rest of this level.

Climbing the Building

Head out the doors to the outdoor area. Climb up the pole to the right and jump across to the air conditioning unit. Climb up to the platform and use the grapple to pull the sign around. Jump across to it and continue up to the next platform.

Turn around and grapple the higher sign so you can jump across to it. Continue climbing up to another pole. Climb all the way to the top and this time jump across to the pole behind the sign. Lara will grab it and pull the sign down.

Jump back to the pole, climb up and then back across to the flat platform behind the sign. Make your way across to the other side, climb up the pole in the corner and then swing across the three poles to the balcony.

Upper Floors

Head inside the glass doors and first clear out the upstairs area. Take out the 2 Guards and pick up Bronze Statue (6/6). You can also use an aimed shot to break the chandelier and kill a few guards below.

Head around to the lower area and finish off any guards. Go inside the storage room by the stairs and kick the middle locker to open it. Inside you’ll find Silver Statue (4/4).

Head back out and go through the doors to the right. Watch out for the hallway with the turret and go into the office behind the glass wall first. Use the computer to see the cameras and turn on the sprinkler system by pulling the lever on the wall. This will reveal the laser trap.

To get past the turret you can jump and roll past the lasers or pull out the steel ball and roll it in front of you to act as a shield.

Make your way around and through the doors into a meeting room with a floating dragon. Take out the 3 Guards and then use the grapple to pull back the dragon. Release it and it will smash through the glass window. Climb up through the window and take out the 2 Guards.

Before going through the next door run around to the right to the red chest. Grab it and push it back to the window. Drop it over the edge and it will break, revealing the Gold Statue (1/1).

Press the button to open the lift and ride it up to find Takamato.

Takamoto Boss Battle

If you still have the Shotgun this should be a fairly straightforward fight. Quickly run behind one of the large statues and climb up the pole to the higher walkway. If you stay down below you’ll be shot down by the turrets.

Quickly run after Takamoto and roll or jump past his beam attacks. He’ll shoot a beam either along the floor, at head height or vertically. Dodge past it and take a shot or two with the Shotgun. It will do a fair amount of damage and Takamoto will run away.

Repeat the process until Takamoto is defeated. Lara will grab the part of the missing sword and then take a helicopter ride out of there.

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