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Head to the right, grabbing all the Experience along the way. The wind will be pushing any boxes you make to the right. Press the Buttons to bring up a hidden Experience and extend a platform, making jumping over the high wall easier.

Once over the high wall take out the Clockwork Knights on the other side. Send the clone through the bars and pull the Lever. This opens the gate and starts a furnace. Jump over the hot smoke to the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1

You’ll get damaged if you try to ride up the smoke but you can put a box or plank down and stand on it.

Take out the Clockwork Knights in the next section, blow up the explosive barrels under the covered area, pull the hatch open and drop down. Underneath you’ll just find some Experience.

Climb out and drop a clone through the grate on the right.

Drop a clone through the grating to the right and freeze the button he’s standing on. Have the clone step on another button and then shoot the third. The grate will lower so you can drop down.

Checkpoint 2

Remove the pipes and drop down. Grab the Experience from the pipe at the top of the room after turning the air pipe around. Jump to the conveyor and go inside.

Send a clone across to the central platform with the chest. When you hit the crystal the air vents change direction.

Pull the lever to send out a magic ball. Then hit the crystal to direct the ball along the air vents into the receptacle. The gate will open so you can grab the Experience. Open the chest for a Letter and head back out.

Knock off the Clockwork Knight from the platform and grab onto the bars on the wall to lower it down. Freeze it in place and climb up.

Take out the Clockwork Spider in the room above and use the box to bring electricity to the hatch so it opens.

Checkpoint 3

Go through the door to the right and clear out the Clockwork Knights in the next room.

Checkpoint 4

Shoot the glass spheres above for some extra Experience, then place two boxes on the ground to the right. Have Pontius and the clone jump up to grab two of the bars. The clone can use the light shield to freeze the second one in place.

Then switch to Zoya to grab the third bar and freeze it in place. Grab onto the fourth bar and the lift in the center of the room will activate.

Drop down the lift shaft, taking out the turrets along the way if you want. Press the button behind the boards at the bottom and a large Experience will drop down.

Dash across to it and continue to the right.

Checkpoint 5

Shoot the rope holding the steel ball close to the electrified floor. Use Amadeus to lift the steel ball up and run underneath. Plank up to the hatch above and climb up. drop down the other side and take out the Clockwork Knight.

Use the lever to open the door and place planks on the floor to bring electricity over to the lift.

Checkpoint 6

Jump across the steam vents to the left and activate the gemstone to turn off the last vent. Drop down to the room below.

Take out the Clockwork Spider and take the lift down. You’ll need to pull down the chain on the left and bring electricity to the top right.

Use a clone to hold a plank in place while pulling down the chain. Then plank across to the right, using a pipe if you need to.

When the door opens head through to the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 7

Hit the crystal to change the direction of the conveyor. Run down and watch the cutscene. Afterwards take out the Clockwork Knights and head back to the left. Climb up through the hatch.

Break the boxes and pull the lever to lower a ramp. Before going up the ramp go through the hole in the wall under the ramp. Continue to the left until you find the room with Experience and a chest. Inside you’ll find Agnes’ Knapsack.

Run back and head up the ramp. Once you get to the platform above Amadeus will go off on his own.

Checkpoint 8

Go to the right and pull the lever to ride the lift down. Send the lift back up and drop underneath for the Experience. Then jump across the gap and climb up to the checkpoint

Checkpoint 9

Wind Leap up to the grabbable bar and drop down for the Experience. Use a plank with gravity reversed to make it across the gap to the platform.

Pull the lever to start the steam vent, place a plank on top and jump up. Head to the right and drop down the hatch. Use a plank to push the button and climb out the other side.

Checkpoint 10

Head to the right and use two boxes with gravity reversed to press the buttons above. Then plank up to the checkpoint above.

Plank up to the grabbable bar above and climb across to the right.

Place planks with gravity inverted around the outside of the lift to bring power from the left side to the right. Then pull the lever and ride the lift up.

After the cutscene Pontius will go off by himself.

Checkpoint 11

Plank up to the grabbable bar and climb up to the room above. Head through the door to the right.

Bounce up to the platforms and then across to the right. Charge into the ball to bash it to the right and swing off it down to the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 12

Before continuing plank up above the checkpoint to the grabbable bars and climb up to the room above. Plank across the electrified floor to the other side.

Inside the chest you’ll find a Tidbit. Head back and drop down to the checkpoint. Pull open the hatch and place a clone down below. Walk to the right with Pontius above and the clone below. The clone will turn off the vents above.

Bounce up to the grabbable bar, then use a plank with inverted gravity to get up and to the left. Climb up to the checkpoint above.

Checkpoint 13

Make a wall of planks on the right to block the turrets once the panels are removed. Jump up to grab the bar in the ceiling panel and hold onto it. Once the hatch opens below drop down.

Attach the pipe piece and pull the lever to spin them around. You’ll need to freeze some of them to keep them in place while you rotate the others. Once they are all lined up pull the center lever to open the door.

Checkpoint 14

Take out the Clockwork Knight and drop the clone down the grates to push the button. The grate will open. Drop down to the underside of the airship.

Jump and swing across the platforms. Use planks to block the smoke from the vents.

Checkpoint 15

Grab one of the explosive barrels and use it to explode the underside of the airship. Jump up and teleport to the ring above.

Place a box on the other side of the electric current and teleport over to it as well.

Watch out for the rolling explosive barrels in the next room and hit both buttons to activate the lift. Ride it up and jump across the platforms.

Ride the platforms on the wheel to the left and swing across to the right. Take out the turret and ride the next platforms up.

Go through the door and have a final battle with the Rats. Place the cogs in the machine and bounce on the platform to get it working.

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