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Head up the stairs and across to the right. Wait until the wheel lifts up and the platforms start spinning around. Jump up and grab the Experience on the left side of the laser wall if you want. Then jump across to the right.

Go through the laser wall and freeze the first set of pillars. Step back outside the laser wall and freeze the second set of pillars.

Checkpoint 1

Jump across the revolving platforms and battle with the two Wizards on the other side. Then swing across the gap to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 2

When you step past the laser wall the real lasers will fire up and destroy the Clockwork Knight. Send your clone across and pull the lever to deactivate the lasers.

Make your way into the next room to the right with the revolving lasers. You can freeze one of them to make getting across the room easier.

Light the gem above the checkpoint and ride the ring up. Dash across to the left side of the room for a chest with the fashion, Clockwork Top Hat.

Pull the lever to turn off the laser and then head back to the checkpoint. Go through the laser wall and take out the Clockwork Knight.

To turn off the lasers you’ll need to pull both levers at the same time. Place the lower steel ball in line of one of the lasers and a second steel ball blocking the path of the second laser.

Put a plank on the ground so the clone doesn’t fall through and have the clone and Pontius pull the levers at the same time.

Shoot the turrets and drones above and then head out the exit to the right. Drop down to the checkpoint on the stairs.

Checkpoint 3

Head to the left, hit the crystal to lower the lift and ride it down. At the bottom pull the lever to extend the platforms and jump across.

Pull the lever on the right side and continue up the platforms.

Checkpoint 4

Pull the lever and go back to the left for Experience, then continue to the right by placing a plank on the attach point. Change the gravity on the plank so it stays up and jump up to the room above.

Place a plank on the center pylon and put the boxes on top of it so the green laser hits the green gem.

Pull the lever and a chest with a Letter will appear. Grab it and drop back down.

Jump across the lifts to the right and drop down to take out the Clockwork Knights.

Checkpoint 5

Place planks over the electrified water and fuse them together. Run across and dash the rest of the way across the gap.

Take out the two Wizards and you’ll find another two orbs. These will be used later to rescue the kids.

Jump up on the platforms and use the light shield from the clone and Pontius to light all of the stars, then drop down to the right.

Checkpoint 6

Use the light shield to remove all of the mist, then put a plank on the metal beams and jump up to it. Dash and float across the gap to the right. You’ll find all the missing students.

Ride the lift up to the right to the checkpoint above.

Checkpoint 7

Climb up the revolving contraption and pull the lever to the top right to make it spin the other way.

Climb around to the left side and ride the lift up.

Checkpoint 8

Take out the Clockwork Knights and pick up the Experience from the platforms above. Make your way across the conveyor while avoiding the steam vents.

In the room to the right you’ll see a pipe with crystals. You’ll need to hit the crystals to assemble the pipe. The crystals beside the one you hit will also spin around.

The trick is to freeze one of the crystals while you spin the other ones around. Eventually you’ll get all the sections in place.

Use Amadeus to pull the left section to the right. The conveyor to the right will activate, pulling the boat out of the way so you can continue to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 9

Take out the enemies, place a plank on the attach point and climb up. Once you reach the top drop down through the open glass pane.

Jump up the wooden beam on the door to grab the gun in the circular frame. A secret hatch will open and a large Experience drops out.

Unlock the door to the right and go through.

Checkpoint 10

Use the giant hand to break the metal box for the large Experience. Then use the hover platform to grab the Experience above.

Ride it to the left and jump up to the room above for a chest. Inside you’ll find a Tidbit.

Go to the right and hit the crystal. The platforms will start moving. On the way back use the plank to lift it up to the higher ledge. Once it fits into the slots on the right Experience will drop down.

Head back and drop down. Make your way to the right and shoot a fire arrow at the magi ball under the contraption.

Ride it across to the right, place a plank up to the ramp on the left and ride it up. Place a plank on the right and ride it up to trigger the gem.

Drop down and go through the door.

Checkpoint 11

In the revolving room hold onto the ring in the center while the flamers spin around.

When the room fills up with water swim to the top and break al the pipes. The magic ball will fall down and the water will empty.

Place the cogs in the center mechanism and shoot a fire arrow at the magic ball. You can press the left and right buttons on the ground to revolve the room left and right.

Attach the magic ball to a ring and spin the room around until the ball dangles from the roof. Attach it to the ring on the floor and the magic ball should stay in place.

Spin the room around until the pipes connect up to the center and head through the exit to the right.

Checkpoint 12

Take out the large Shielded Clockwork Knight as well as the smaller knights. After the battle head up the stairs to end the level.

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