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Head to the right, grab the Experience and break through the vines. You’ll soon spot the first checkpoint. Water the dry leaf using the water and Pontius’ shield. A plant will grow so you can jump from the flower up to the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1

For the next plant have both the clone and Pontius deflect water towards it. You should just be able to reach.

Jump up the flowers and then over to the hanging platform.

Checkpoint 2

Destroy the plants and vines. Head inside the small cave for some Experience. Come out and jump up to the ledge above.

Place a couple of boxes down so Pontius can put a sword in the tree. Make a rope bridge and use Pontius and the clone again to bring water to the leaf.

The path ahead will clear. Head to the right and smash down the tree. Enter the hollow tree log and drop down to the cavern below.

You’ll need to press the two buttons above. Amadeus can do this by standing on a box and using Wind Leap. The wind will push the two buttons upwards.

A chest will appear with the fashion Autumn Crown inside. Climb back out and get on top of the fallen log. Climb up the side of the cliff to the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3

Swing across the rings to the bar. Freeze the platform so you can safely jump across without it collapsing, grabbing the Experience along the way.

Jump up to the wooden balcony above the door for some Experience, then pull out the door using Zoya and attach it to a box so you can get through.

Checkpoint 4

Throw a sword in the far wall so you can reach the Experience above and then swing underneath to continue. The next room has a very high ledge that you need to reach. You can pull out the seesaw and bounce up or use Amadeus to plank up, fusing the planks together with his new skill.

When you reach the top turn around to the left and break the vines in the tree to lower the bar. Climb across the bar, place a plank down on the other side and jump across into the building.

Inside you’ll find a chest with a Tidbit inside.

Leave and jump back across the gap.

Checkpoint 5

Drop down and stomp the ground to make an Experience jar fall out of the circular hole.

Dash across the gap and make a clone. Send it through the bars and jump up from the stairs to break the rope.

Head through the gate and up the stairs. Grab the Experience and ride the lift down. Zoya will go off on her own.

Checkpoint 6

Push the log down on the right side and freeze it in place so you can get to the Experience under it on the left side. Then climb across the bars above.

Jump up the platforms and break the rope holding the barrel so the right platform lifts up. Continue up to the right once you’ve grabbed all the Experience.

Swing across the ring and pull out the large drawer. Experience will drop out the bottom. Freeze it in place and attach it to the ring to make a bridge.

Jump up to the left and shoot the bells on the left side. Experience will drop down from the trees. Then climb across to the right.

Checkpoint 7

Grab onto the bar under the first platform and freeze it in place once it lowers. Climb on top of it, unfreeze it and jump onto the large circular platform for more Experience.

Climb across the bar underneath it to the other side and take out the attacking Rats. After the battle pull the lever and the fox will open the door in the tree for you. Inside Zoya will find the Fox Rope. You can use it to transport to the end of the rope.

Make your way up the cave by teleporting and you’ll soon spot the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 8

Zoya also has two rope bridges now. Use them to make your way up to the top of the cave. Pull out the sliding bars and attach them to the ring. Grapple onto the ring on the other side and teleport across.

Checkpoint 9

Bridge across the gap, pull out the wall on the back of the ship and bridge across the second gap. Swing inside the ship to grab the large Experience and then break the rope to open the door to the right.

Pull out the wooden beam to open the second door to the right. Attach it to the ring to keep it open. Teleport above and pull out the top beam. Attach it to the box and both wooden doors below should remain open.

Teleport through the bars to the other side. Grab the Experience and slide down the rope using the platform.

Checkpoint 10

Send the clone through the bars and put a sword in the barn wall. Zoya can attach to it and teleport across.

Climb over the barn and get ready for a battle with Rats and a Rat Ogre. go inside the barn for some Experience. Grapple to the ring, teleport up and jump to the ledge on the right.

Checkpoint 11

Jump across the spike pit and grab all the Experience. Pull the cart out and have Amadeus turn the box around so Zoya can grapple and teleport to the ring.

Jump through the gap in the wall above the second set of bars.

Place the box on the cart and send your clone through the third set of bars. Climb up to grab the bar above. This opens one of the bars. Freeze it in place and push the cart to move the other bars to the left of the ring. Zoya can grapple across to it and teleport.

Box or plank up and climb up through the window at the top of the bar. Grab all the Experience and smash through the door to the left for more Experience.

Pull out the see-saw and smash through the breakable floor for the chest with a Letter.

Jump back out the window and head to the right. Pull out the cart by the barn door and have Amadeus move the beam holding the door shut. Send the clone through the bars and push the door open from the right side.

Checkpoint 12

Take out the Rats by the river and then swim under the pier on both sides for Experience.

Checkpoint 13

Break the vines to the right to free the ring, place a box on the wooden beam and make a rope bridge so you can jump up.

Checkpoint 14

The next puzzle is quite difficult. I create a box turned diagonal with a plank on top. Use Amadeus’ skill of keeping objects in a fixed position and fuse them together. Attach a rope from the ring to the plank.

Remove the box so the plank pulls the ring down but stays above the poison cloud. Plank all the way across and deflect the water into the bucket.

Once the poison mist has been dispersed drop down and head to the right.

Checkpoint 15

Deflect an arrow to break the vines on the other side of the rock and teleport across to the ring. Jump over to the other side.

Jump and bounce across the poisonous marsh to end the level.

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