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Head across to the right, picking up all the Experience along the way. When you find the spikes with the slippery ramp plank your way across, breaking the boards in between.

Dash across the poisonous river and plank up using the attach point if you want the Experience above. Further to the right you’ll come across some statues and have a battle with the Clockwork Knights.

After the battle jump over the spike pit and break through the boards to the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1

Place a plank over the river and one to lift up the gate so you can get across to the other side.

Stomp on the next platform to lift the other one up and jump or dash across.

Checkpoint 2

Jump across the tree stumps and you’ll come to a large poisonous lake. Plank across and then Wind Leap or dash across the rest of the way.

Checkpoint 3

Head into the mist and you’ll be attacked by Clockwork beasts. Light the torches to disperse the mist so you can see easier.

Plank across to the right and charge into the board with the ram symbol on it. Light the torch to the right and make a rope bridge between the rings so you can get across.

Checkpoint 4

Plank across the poisonous water and Wind Leap up the other side. Plank up the side of the cliff, pull the lever with the clone and charge into the steel ball. The chest should lower so you can open it.

Inside the chest you’ll find a Letter. Drop down and past the tree stump you’ll find the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 5

Break the vines and jump onto the side of the log platform. As it lowers charge across it to the other side before it lowers into the water.

Swing over the wooden structure and grab the Experience on the other side.

You’ll need to get access to the water and bring it over to the fan on the other side of the gate. I use a diagonal box to pull down the log and get the water flowing. Then use the clone and Pontius with planks to deflect the water onto the fan.

Continue to the right and Pontius will walk off by himself.

Checkpoint 6

Run to the right, grabbing the Experience along the way. Bash down the platforms on the pole to spin it around and lift up the next platform. Jump across to it, use a sword to break the boards and continue to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 7

Jump across the gap and deflect the water to put out the torch. Ride a bubble up to grab the large Experience above.

Use a clone to jump on its shield so you can reach the grab pole above. The platform will fall over to the right. Move the clone to the grab pole and stand on the shield. Deflect water into the bucket.

Checkpoint 8

Head to the right and take out all the Rats before opening the chest. Pontius will gain the ability to use a Shield of Light.

Checkpoint 9

Use the Shield of Light to disperse the mist and continue to the right. Use the sword to break the boards holding the bridge up and continue across.

Checkpoint 10

Use the shield to clear the mist and pull the lever. Use the light to stop one part of the mechanism moving so when the platform moves to the right the wooden gate is up. Then use the clone’s shield to jump up and grab the bar above.

Jump under the gate, grabbing the Experience along the way. Above the moving platform you’ll find more Experience.

Roll the boulder onto the seesaw and create a clone shining light towards the breakable wall. Bounce the boulder up and it will get trapped in the light.

Bash it towards the breakable wall and continue to the right.

Checkpoint 11

Use boxes turned diagonally and placed on top of each other to move the beam up so the ring is above the metal bars. Zoya can teleport to the ring.

Charge across the gap and lift up the beam with a plank if you want the large Experience underneath.

Stand on one of the bubbles and quickly move it out of the way to avoid getting popped by one of the torches. Use a fire arrow to explode it by the breakable rock and continue up.

Checkpoint 12

Climb up the cliff to the left of the checkpoint using the sword and planks locked in place. Up the top you’ll find a large Experience and a chest with a Tidbit.

Drop back down and continue to the right for a battle with Clockwork Knights. Take them out and head to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 13

Plank your way across the poisonous water and climb the rock above for a bunch of Experience.

Checkpoint 14

Use the Shield of Light to disperse the mist and make your way across the large seesaw with the ring on one end. Freeze it in place with the ring high so you can swing across.

Checkpoint 15

Just past the checkpoint is a grate. Drop the clone down and throw the sword at the wall. Zoya can grapple to the sword and teleport to it.

Inside the chest you’ll find the fashion, Lucius’ Satchel. Deflect the water into the basket to make bubbles. Ride it all the way up into the sky above for some hidden Experience.

Make your way across the ships in the poisonous water and light the gem on the paddle boat to the right. Take out the Drones that attack you along the way.

Checkpoint 16

Use light to disperse the mist and then plank across the poisoned water. Use Pontius to charge and float across the rest of the murky water to end the level.

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