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Act II

Tidbit #1 – The Astral Academy Gardens

From the fourth checkpoint smash the boards between the spike pit and the platform with the ramps. Drop down to find the chest.

Tidbit #2 – The Long Way to Town

After the 12th checkpoint throw the sword in the wall and use it to bounce up to the chest.

Tidbit #3 – Sinister Back Alleys

After the 10th checkpoint make the bridge, place a box on top and swing to the room underneath. Alter the pipes so the water is spraying to the right. Place a plank down and use Pontius to deflect water to the fan.

A chest will appear inside the room with the third Tidbit.

Tidbit #4 – The Royal Castle

Inside the Royal Castle after the 2nd checkpoint climb up the magic ball to the room above.

Open the chest for the Tidbit.

Tidbit #5 – The Tallest Tower

After the 8th Checkpoint in the Tallest Tower when you find the magnetic wheel put a plank on the magnet next to the hole in the ceiling on the left. Grapple up to it with Zoya and enter the room above.

Inside you’ll find a chest with a Tidbit.


Tidbit #6 – Dungeons and Sewer Rats

After the 9th checkpoint in Dungeons and Sewer Rats plank up to the ledge above.

Move the pipes out of the way, hang onto the bar and attach the pipes. Place a plank under the water flow to bring water to the fan. A chest will appear.

Tidbit #7 – Smuggler’s Way

After the 1st checkpoint jump up to the room above.

In the room above you’ll find a chest with the Tidbit.

Tidbit #8 – Gemstone Caverns

After the 9th checkpoint light the gemstone to lower the lift and jump up to the room above. You’ll need to use a sword in the wall to bounce up or use a plank or wind leap.

You’ll find the chest just in the room above. Inside it is the Tidbit.

Tidbit #9 – Brackenridge Path

After the 1st checkpoint break the box and stomp down through the hatch into the cave below.

Inside the cave you’ll find the chest with the Tidbit.

Tidbit #10 – The Astral Observatory

After the 11th checkpoint before jumping across the moving platforms jump and float down to the cave below.

To get to the chest send the clone through the bars, place a sword in the wall and jump up to grab the bar. Freeze the bar in place, then use the clone to light the star, reflect it off the wall and reflect it back to the gem with Pontius.

Finally the bars will open and you can go through to grab the Tidbit.

Act IV

Tidbit #11 – Autumn Woods

Once you reach the 4th checkpoint turn around and shoot the vines to the left. This lowers a bar so you can climb across the gap. Place a plank down on the beams and jump across.

Inside the house you’ll find the chest with the Tidbit.

Tidbit #12 – Petrified Marshes

From the 12th checkpoint plank up to the top of the cliff above. You’ll find a large Experience and a chest with the Tidbit.

Tidbit #13 – The Bastion of Hope

At the bottom of the lift after the 13th checkpoint use the clone to shine a light upwards. Hold the mirror cube and explosive barrel in place so you can shoot a fire arrow to blow up the barrel and breakable wall.

Climb up through the hole in the wall and head to the right. Push the button to launch a cannonball and bounce it off Pontius’ shield until you can break the next breakable wall. Behind it you’ll find the chest with the Tidbit.

Act V

Tidbit #14 – The Magnificent Airship

From the 13th checkpoint climb up through the gap in the walls to the room above.

Use planks with inverted gravity to make it across the electrified floor to the chest with the Tidbit.

Tidbit #15 – The Floating Archipelago

After the 9th checkpoint use the clone to bounce off the pad under the grate to grab the bar above. As the bar lowers the lift will rise up so you can drop down to the room below.

Plank across the gap in the room below and make your way up to the chest with the Tidbit.

Tidbit #16 – The Clockwork Palace

After the 11th checkpoint in the room with the hover platform ride the platform to the top left corner and jump up.

Bounce off the bounce pad to the room above where you’ll find the chest with the Tidbit.

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