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This is the first level where you’ll be playing as all three heroes. There are multiple solutions to many of the puzzles so you might find a different or more efficient way of getting past them.


Head to the right and swing or bounce up to the hovering platforms for 2 x Experience and one Experience in a breakable box on the ground.

Break the boards to make the box fall and break the jar for Experience. Jump up to the right and make a bridge between the rings. Jump up for 2 x Experience.

Use the platform wheel to grab the dangling Experience, then climb across the grab pole for another Experience.

Pull out the box under the platform wheel and enter the secret room behind it for 2 x Experience.

Hit the crystal orb to lower the lift. Break the box on the ground under it for Experience, then ride the lift up by standing on it and shooting the crystal orb. Grab the Experience up the top and jump over the wall to the right.

Read the notice on the board if you want, then make a box so Pontius can jump up and break the boards above the door. Shoot the crystal orb to open the door and go through.

Checkpoint 1

Use the ring to swing up to the chain bridge for Experience. There’s Experience on the other side, one Experience dangling from the second ring and Experience inside a breakable box.

Charge the ram on the next pole to swing around the platform and ring. Swing up to grab the 2 x Experience above.

For the next puzzle use Amadeus to move the box out of the way. Then shoot through the bars to hit the crystal orb with an arrow. This starts the platform spinning.

Climb on the platform and use it to grab the Experience and jump over the wall.

Smash through the boards on the ground for Experience and to find a secret room where you’ll find a chest with Wilhelmina’s Hat and 3 jars with 3 x Experience.

Have Zoya attach a rope to the ring and pull it down. Attach it to a box and push it in the hole to keep it down. Use Pontius to deflect the water into the water wheel and open the door.

Checkpoint 2 (Grand Checkpoint)

This checkpoint is a Grand Checkpoint, meaning all experience you’ve found up until now will be converted into Skill Points that you can use to upgrade your abilities in the skill tree. Continue to the right for a short cutscene.

Once trapped in the gazebo you’ll need to have Zoya attach a rope to one side of the contraption above and pull it down. Attach it to a box and shoot the two power sources in the ceiling.

Once the cage doors open fight off the mechanical knights and continue on your way to the right. Grab the Experience and then the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3

Shoot the roots holding the contraption with the ring above the Experience in place. Then pull off the ring to let the water flow. The first platform will rise up.

Use Pontius to deflect water to the second platform and it will rise up also.

Jump across to the chain bridge. Shoot the rope holding the box and drop it into the spike pit. Jump across to grab the 2 x Experience and break the box holding the Experience.

Charge into the ram on the pole to swing the top platform around. Have Amadeus place a box under the platform stuck into the spikes. Zoya can use it to swing up to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 4

Jump back to the previous platform on the left and up for the 2 x Experience.

Grab the Experience on the ramp to the right and break the roots. drop down and break the roots below for another Experience. This also cause the pole to fall over.

Before bridging across smash through the boards to the left just before the spike pit. You’ll enter a secret cave with Tidbit #1.

Shoot the roots holding the large Experience and smash on the seesaw to flip it over the bars so you can grab it. Jump back up to the ramps and place a box down on this side. Have Zoya bridge across to the ring and make your way over the wall on the other side.

Take out the Mechanical Knight and then place a box by the wheeled contraption to make it stand up taller. Use it to climb up through the gap above.

Place a box on the spike above the spitting plant and rope up to the platform above. On the platform you’ll find 2 x Experience. Jump across to the box and then up to the balcony above the spikes for 3 x Experience.

Swing over to the smaller platform for Experience, break the boards under it and lower it down with a box. Drop down the hole to the left for Experience.

Checkpoint 5

Shoot the rope holding the Experience, then the crystal orb to bring the platform across. Use a box to jump up to the grab pole, hit the crystal and ride it to the other side for Experience.

Break the boards to lower the wooden poles and place a box on them. Shoot the crystal twice to send the platform away and then back again so you can jump on top of it.

Place a box on it and jump up to the grab pole and then onto the highest platform for 2 x Experience. Jump off the edge to the right for another 2 x Experience.

Deal with the Mechanical Knight standing by the spike pit and another one that jumps up. Then swing or plank your way across.

Checkpoint 6

Swing across to the bounce pad for Experience. Then bounce up and break the boards for 2 x Experience. Drop down for the next puzzle.

Conjure a box and place it on the spikes below. Drop down and enter the room underneath for a secret.

Open the golden chest for Letter #1. Then attach a rope to the ring and a box and have Amadeus pull the box away from the wall to open a secret above with Experience.

Go back outside and shoot the crystal orb. This flips over the platform above. Climb back up and run across it. Use Pontius to deflect the plant poison into the boards to break them.

Place a plank on the horizontal poles to the left and let the water roll onto the water wheel. There’s 2 x Experience above where you place the plank and 2 x Experience under the water wheel once it lifts up.

Head to the right for a small cutscene and Grand Checkpoint.

Checkpoint 7

Break the box on the bounce pad for Experience. Jump up to the grab pole and deflect the plant spit to break the boards on the right. Use the chain bridge that drops down to get across the spike pit and grab the Experience along the way.

Use Zoya to take out the Drone and then push over the wooden pole to the left. Water will flow out and hit the water wheel, releasing 3 x Experience.

Place a box behind the wooden poles to the right, push the wooden pipe to the right and attach it to the box. Then deflect the water onto the next water wheel.

Ride the lift up and pull the lever to open the door.

Checkpoint 8

Stomp the ground to make the Experience on the pole fall off, then break the jar for another Experience. Use a box and seesaw to stomp up to the ledge above for Experience in a breakable box. Jump up to the ledge above.

Place the box on the spitter on the ground and rope across to it to make a bridge. Walk over to it and jump up the grab poles on the wall.

Shimmy across the grab pole on the roof, shoot the crystal to bring the platform over, drop onto it and shoot the crystal again to ride it back.

Grab the Experience on the first floating platform before the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 9

Bounce off the pad onto the higher platform with another Experience. Then use the highest platform to swing over to the left for 2 x Experience. Swing up onto the highest platform and jump up for a large Experience.

Drop down and head to the right. Make your way across the platform wheel while taking out the 3 Drones. Use a box to stomp on one of the platforms to spin it around. Jump up to the top of the ledge on the right for 3 x Experience.

When you find the hedgehog have Zoya pull out the carrot and feed it to the animal. Ride it across to the other side and grab the Experience.

Checkpoint 10

Pull out the plank on the chains and lay it down so you can get across the pit. Place a box or plank down on the other side so Pontius can run up and dash across to the 3 x Experience in the tree.

Take out the Mechanical Knight by the next pit. It’s easiest if you just charge into him, knocking him into the spike pit.

Place a box in the spikes so you can rope bridge across the entire pit. Grab the Experience on the other side.

Place a box in the center of the contraption so water spills on both side. Have Pontius deflect one side to the water wheel underneath.

This opens the hatch to the right. Grab the Experience in the center before you leave.

Checkpoint 11

Grab the 2 x Experience as you head to the right and then take out all the Mechanical Knights and Drones. After the battle you’ll get a cutscene and the level will end.

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