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Make your way to the right, picking up the Experience jars along the way. Once you come to the bridge pull out the second half using the ring and attach it to the ring in the center.

Break the vines by the waterfall and place a box with inverted gravity next to it. Create a rope bridge and run across.

Checkpoint 1

Move the platform on the chain so you can jump to it and then up the side of the cliff. Plank over to the small floating island for the Experience.

To get through the gate jump up to the bar and hold onto it. The gate will open. While it’s open place a box on the other side. Grapple across to it and teleport over.

Take out the Clockwork Knight standing on the edge looking out over the village. Drop down and head across to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 2

Grab the Experience and head down the stairs. Send a clone through the gate and shoot the rope to lower the first bar. Have the clone grab onto the bar. Make a couple of boxes, attach them to the ring and change gravity.

The bar and clone will lift up. Once the clone gets to the top grab the second bar on the right. As this one lowers the gate will open.

Checkpoint 3

Take out the Clockwork Knights and Drones, then drop into the water. Jump up the side of the cliff or plank your way across.

Bounce up to the floating island above. From here Zoya can do a series of big swings to the left.

Eventually you’ll land on top of a windmill. Open the chest for a Letter.

Swing back to the right and jump across the platforms to the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 4

Plank over the rocks, grabbing the Experience along the way. Drop into the cave and break the vines to release the magic ball.

You’ll need to light it to power it and then bring it close enough to the trigger on the pillar. Use the clone to hold it in place.

Once the pillar is powered the crate behind the waterfall will move backwards so you can get through.

Drop down and place planks on the lower ledge. Fuse them together so they don’t fall apart. Drop down to them and grab the Experience.

Checkpoint 5

Break the vines to release the bar and jump across. Move the floating platform to where you can jump to it and plank up the side of the cliff.

Checkpoint 6

Plank or box across the spikes while avoiding the fireballs.

Up the top move the floating platforms and plank across to them so you can continue up. Once you reach the top break the vines and climb up through the hatch.

Checkpoint 7

It’s not immediately evident what to do here. First shoot the magic ball behind the bars and it will drop down a hatch. Push it over to the right and attach it to the ring. Bash into it to swing it onto the higher ledge.

Break the rope and push it into the receptacle. The hatch above will open. Climb up and head to the right.

Checkpoint 8

Drop down and read the noticeboard. Use the light to clear the mist and drop into the room below. Use the light on the barrier around the lever and pull the Lever.

Head into the next room and use the light to clear the barrier around the Red Wizard. Once the barrier is gone move in to attack.

Repeat until the wizard has been defeated.

Checkpoint 9

Take out the Clockwork Knight and then use the clone to bounce off the pad under the grate and grab the bar above. The lift to the right will rise so you can ride it down.

Plank your way across and then jump up to the chest above. Inside you’ll find a Tidbit.

Pull the lever and climb out by hitting the crystal. Drop down to the right and use a Fire Arrow to light the magic ball. Ride it across to the right. The platforms will lift up when you get close.

Place two balls on the two attach points. Roll one of them until that side lights up. Put a plank down and attach it to keep the ball in position. Do the same to the other side and head through to the right.

Freeze one of the pillars as they move up and down so you can get through the gaps.

Checkpoint 10

Grab the bar above the cog to drop down a platform with an Experience on it. Then drop down and swing across to the conveyor to the right.

Ride the platform up and use the light to pause the blocks. Make a gap so you can ride them across and up.

Checkpoint 11

Climb up the large cog and stand on the small ledge. Place a plank on the attach point and jump across to it. Jump up to the ledge, shoot the button and ride across to the chest.

You’ll need to Wind Leap up to the ledge with the chest. Inside the chest you’ll find the Lampaca Wool Hat. Drop down and float across to the right.

Plank across the gap to the right and use a Fire Arrow to light the magic ball. Roll it across and the wall will lift up so you can drop it into the receptacle.

Ride the lift up to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 12

Plank up to the gap on the top right and go through. Make your way across the platforms to the right.

Checkpoint 13

Plank up for some Experience on the platform above. Then drop down and head to the right.

Freeze one of the plants to stop the fireballs from one direction. Drop down to the lower cog, freeze the platform and jump across on the right side.

Checkpoint 14

Pull the lever and ride the lift down. Take out the Clockwork Knights. After the first phase shoot the cannisters to the left and right and the second phase will begin.

Finally you’ll be attacked by 2 Wizards. Use the light shield to dissolve their force fields before doing damage. After the battle plank across to the right or ride a steel ball. Head up the stairs to end the level.

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