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Head to the right and deflect the light onto the star on the door to open it.

Head inside and take out the Clockwork Spider. Fire arrows seem to work well against it. Stomp down to open the trapdoor in the center of the room for Experience, then go to the right.

There will be a couple of these puzzles. You’ll need to deflect the light to hit all of the stars. The circular device reflects the light out in multiple directions. Use Amadeus to position it so it hits one of them. The clone and Pontius can deflect light to the other two stars.

The gate to the right will be open a little bit. Use a plank to push it open all the way and run inside the small room. Push the cabinet out of the way and stomp down to open the trapdoor. Drop down for a chest with the fashion Piggyback Spellbook.

Stomp the ground to lift up a hatch for a large Experience, then head back out to the large hall. Climb up over the gate and into the next room.

Bounce up to the revolving platforms and across to the left.

Checkpoint 1

Have the clone stand on the lift to hold it down, then Pontius can climb up to the room above. Break the painting on the left wall for Experience. Then break the box to the right and weigh the lift down again so you can climb over to the room to the right.

Plank across the spike pit, grabbing the Experience along the way. Amadeus can fuse the planks together making them much more stable.

In the next room you’ll have another star light puzzle, this time with more stars. Use the device to deflect light onto three of the stars. Pontius and the clone can light up the other two.

Head through the door to the right for the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 2

Take out the Clockwork Spiders and machines, then continue to the right. Use Amadeus to destroy the box in the lift, then ride it down.

Checkpoint 3

For the next puzzle move the cog onto the first attach point. This turns the curved platforms one way. The other attach point turns some of them the other way. It’s not too difficult to get across. Just experiment with them until you can move all the way across.

Checkpoint 4

After the checkpoint jump across the moving platforms to the other side. Watch out for the Drones that attack along the way.

In the building on the other side you’ll have another star light puzzle. There are multiple ways to solve it but I placed a mirror cube on top of two boxes on the right and had the clone deflect light back. Amadeus can hold the second mirror cube in the air to light the final star.

Checkpoint 5

As the two large plates move up and down freeze one of them so they create a gap and you can get through. Just past this Zoya can roll past the large laser beams or Pontius can deflect them with his shield.

Deflect the final laser into the ice to melt it for 2 x Experience.

Place a sword in the pipes to jump up or just uses boxes and planks. Roll past the next laser and avoid the button which turns on another laser. Use a sword to jump up to the ledge above.

Checkpoint 6

Pull the lever to activate the laser and turn on the orrery (mechanical model of a star system). Jump up the spheres to the ledge in the top right.

Use the spikes above the doorway to plank across the large gap to the checkpoint on the other side.

Checkpoint 7

Take out the Drones and then deflect light onto the metal door to open it. Quickly dash through before it closes. Above it you’ll find 2 x Experience.

As you enter the terrace area you’ll be attacked by a Clockwork Knight, Drones and smaller Clockwork Creatures. Take them out and bounce up to the chain bridge.

Jump across to the right to the platforms and continue jump across until you can get up onto the roof where you’ll find a chest with the Letter inside.

There’s also a light puzzle here. You’ll need to move the mirrors so the light can reach the top right corner. Follow the video above at the 12:00 minute mark or play around with the cubes until you have it. Once the light hits the star Experience will rain down from the sky.

Drop back down on the left side to the checkpoint below.

Checkpoint 8

Use a clone to light the horizontal metal slab and keep it in place. Drop down and deflect the light onto the vertical slab so the horizontal slab moves back and the vertical slab up.

Head across to the next orrery. Place a clone on the button on the right to keep the laser active. Pontius can climb up and deflect the laser to the center of the orrery to activate it.

Once the spheres start moving ride them up to the small room directly above. Stand on the button to activate the light and move the device to shine the light on the metal door. When it opens run through for the 5 x Experience.

Take the lift down to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 9

Roll a steel ball across the spike pit, using Pontius to deflect the laser when it gets close. Jump up for the Experience along the way.

Checkpoint 10

Take out the clockwork machines in the next hall. Watch out for the laser that the machines might accidentally knock around.

After the battle set up the three devices so that all the stars are lit up. I place the laser on the left with a device above it. The second device above the first and the third in the center of the room at the top.

Drop down the hatch that opens on the right side.

Checkpoint 11

Roll or jump over the button to avoid the laser that it triggers. Break the box and climb up to the next room. Jump to a moving platform but don’t jump across the gap yet. Instead float down to a secret cave under the building.

Send in the clone behind the bars, place a sword high in the wall and jump up to grab the pole and pull it down. Switch to Zoya and freeze the panel in place. Bring the clone back and deflect light through the star, off the panel and back.

Pontius can deflect the light back up to the gem to open the gate. Go through for the chest with a Tidbit inside.

Go back and pull the lever to rotate around some wooden beams. Place a plank on them so you can jump up to the ledge above and take out the Clockwork Machine.

Enter into the building and freeze the spinning cog under the grate. The platform above will lower. Stand on it and bounce a fire arrow off the wall to thaw the cog and the platform will lift back up.

Checkpoint 12

Place a steel ball on top of the ball in the laser pit. Fuse them together in the center and jump across. You may need to use Wind Leap or Charge to make the distance.

On the other side lift up the first metal door with the clone and freeze it. Then light the second door to lower it and ride it up.

Take out the mechanical spider above and break the boards so you can climb up. Jump up to the top of the bookshelf for some Experience and then head into the next room to the right.

To line up the orrery stomp on the left button twice and the right button twice. Then pull the lever.

Drop down the hatch to the right. Run up the stairs and take out the clockwork creature. Drop down the hole in the floor.

Checkpoint 13

Break the rope holding the moon from the ceiling and charge into it to destroy the statue blocking the exit. Put a sword in the stone wall and use it to climb in through the window above.

Checkpoint 14

Use Pontius to deflect water into the pot.

Then move the light over the plant. A large plant will grow by the checkpoint. Jump up the flowers to the room above.

Kill the Clockwork Spider and grab the Experience in the box. Head to the left and break the boards to the secret room to the left. Inside you’ll find Experience. Move the platforms so you can jump up to the ledge on the right.

You’ll find a planetarium. Destroy the barrel over the attach point and place the purple planet on the attach point instead.

This opens the door on the left side of the room you just came from. Ride the planets for Experience at the top of the room, then run back and jump across the gap to the open door on the left.

Place a box on the attach point to connect the electricity and pull the lever. You’ll ride the lift up to the top.

Checkpoint 15 (Wilhelmaton Boss Fight)

For the first phase let the barrels explode into the ice on the right to reveal a button. Press the button to bring down an electrified piece above the boss. Move a plank between them to electrify the boss. He’ll be stunned for a few seconds so run in and do damage.

For the second phase Wilhelmaton will slash at the ground and shoot fireball and pillars of fire. Place a box on the buttons to the top left and top right. Then use a plank to electrify the boss again. Do damage while he’s stunned.

For the third phase he’ll drop boxes on you and put up a shield of ice rocks. Break through the rocks with fire arrows.

Once the metal piece has been thawed use a plank to electrify the boss. Run in while he’s stunned to do damage and enter the last phase.

For the final phase Wilhelmaton will grab the metal piece and throw it away. Platforms will appear so jump up them quickly and damage each of the hands.

Once both hands have been destroyed Wilhelmaton will be stunned for the final time. Get close and slash away with Pontius to defeat him.

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