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Head across to the right and swim under the water for Experience. Then jump to the ledge on the right. Grab the next Experience by the vents, then charge through the 3 gas vents for the Experience below to the right.

Place a box on the steam and jump up to the right. Shoot a fire arrow at the button through the gate to open the gate. Stand on it and freeze it again to keep the second gate open and go through.

Checkpoint 1

Bridge across and grab the Experience. Wind Leap up in the right corner to the chest above.

Inside you’ll find a Tidbit. Shoot the rope holding the large Experience and it will drop down. Deflect arrows behind it as it bounces to get it past the pipes until you can reach it.

Drop back down and dive into the water. Swim across to the right and get out. Unstop the pipe to let the steam flow and then place a box in it so you can climb up to the right.

Use the steam to float up to the Experience, then put the pipes together to float up to the Experience on the right. Get up on the right ledge.

Place a plank down on the water ramp and smash a steel ball into the breakable wall.

This releases a stone block. Use it to jump up to the right.

Checkpoint 2

Break the boards across the water to the right for 2 x Experience. Then swim under the rocks to the right and enter the small cave for 5 x Experience.

Swim back and place a box on the steam and one on the button. This turns on the side vent. Quickly jump to the second box and then Wind Leap up to the right.

Swing across to the right to land on the box, then Wind Leap to the small ledge far to the left for a large Experience.

Swing back to the right and head down to the spiked cavern below. Grab the Experience and dash past the fireballs and spiky balls.

Checkpoint 3

In the next room grab the Experience. Then turn the pipe around so the steam flows upwards. Grab onto the grab pole and place a plank in the steam. Shoot an arrow off the plank to hit the button.

Pull the lever and the cavern to the left will fill up with water. Climb out the top hatch, picking up the 3 x Experience along the way. Then swim back out to the left, grabbing 2 x Experience that you couldn’t reach before.

Once you pull up take out the Rat on the ledge to the right then climb up to where he was standing.

Checkpoint 4

Head up the stairs and get ready for another fight with Rats. I like to use Zoya’s fire arrows and then roll through the enemies if they get too close.

Make sure you pick up the Experience hidden behind the spiky ball. Then plank up the ramp and make your way across.

Ride the bubbles up in the next room, grabbing the 2 x Experience as you float up. Take out the Rat on the chain bridge above.

Place the sword into the curved wall to the left and use it to bounce up for 3 x Experience in the top left corner. Drop down and head to the right.

Checkpoint 5

Place planks across the steam vents and jump across. Grab the 2 x Experience under the spikes and then box up.

Jump across to the grab pole and shimmy across to the left until you can swing from the rope to grab the 2 x Experience high to the left. Make your way back and place a box on the spikes to the right. Make a rope bridge so you can jump up to the 2 x Experience.

Break the vines holding the board up to the right and it will fall down, blocking the fireballs. Ride the bubbles up to the ledge on the right.

When the bubble hits the button shoot the second button. With both buttons pressed down the gate will open.

In the next room you’ll have 4 buttons to press. Set the pipes up so the steam will hold a box and plank like the picture below. Then use the pipe stopper to push the fourth button.

Checkpoint 6

Make a rope bridge from the ring on the flag pole to the ring on the ground. Run up and Wind Leap to the 4 x Experience above the checkpoint.

Grab the Experience on the ledge to the right and place a steel ball on the attach point on the wheel. Swing up for the Experience above and the Experience on the balcony to the top right.

In the next room place a box on the button to pull out a ledge. Place a box on the ledge and grab the pole above. Remove both boxes and quickly drop through the hatch before it closes.

Grab the 3 x Experience and blow up the barrels to make a hole in the wall. Grab the large Shell Token and place it in the receptacle under the wheel. Take the lift down.

Slide down to the left and grab the 2 x Experience across the gap. Drop down and press the button under the water on the left. This opens the door to the left for a secret.

First swing around the room to grab the 5 x Experience, then pull the lever to start the puzzle. From left to right press down the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th buttons. Freeze one and place a box across both the 5th and 6th buttons.

Deflect the water onto the fan and a chest will appear. Inside you’ll find a Letter. Head back to the right and use a sword on the wall to climb up to the ledge above the door for 2 x Experience.

Take out the Necromance, Skeletons and Shamans filling the next room. Freeze the block above, pull the lever, then freeze the button. The block will unfreeze and move across to the left so you can get out.

Checkpoint 7

Break the boards and run to the right as the boulder chases behind. Ignore the Rats as they’ll be killed by the boulder.

Checkpoint 8

Wind Leap across the next gaps and climb up to the right. Use the pipe to send steam across to the right, pushing the bubbles to lift up the platform.

Drop down, grab the Experience and ride a bubble to the right, picking up another 2 x Experience along the way.

Checkpoint 9

Light the barrel in the cage above to blow up the bars.

Smash down on the platforms to release another barrel. This time light it by the lower breakable wall and go through.

Pull the lever to lower the large lift, taking out the Rats that attack along the way. When the lift stops break the boards to the right first for Experience.

Drop down the hatch into the water and swim to the left. Grab the grab pole and make a steel ball. Attach a rope from the ring to the ball and roll it across to the right to pull out the ring. Attach the gear to the mechanism at the same time.

Ride the lift down and go back down the hatch. Run and swim to the right for 5 x Experience. Use planks on the button to turn on the vents and hold the planks in place. Make your way up to the top for a chest with the Fashion, Smuggler’s Gear.

Drop down and climb back up through the hatch. Take the doorway to the right.

Checkpoint 10

Run to the right and kill the Rats once they crash the submarine. Use the cannon on top of it to break the wall to the top right.

Use Zoya to grapple up to the ring behind it and continue to the right.

Break the vines to the right for 2 x Experience. Then place planks down so you can get up the slippery ramp.

Checkpoint 11

Up the top you’ll be attacked by large tentacles. Entice them to hit the breakable floor for 3 x Experience, then hit the tentacle blocking the doorway and go through.

In the next room pull open the hatch and lure the tentacle to break the floor underneath it.

Drop down and then climb up to the right.

Checkpoint 12

Lure the tentacle onto the ramp to bounce up to the grab pole. Shimmy across to the right. Lure the tentacle to smash the breakable rock up to the right after grabbing the Experience.

Hit the tentacles blocking the passage and go through.

Checkpoint 13

To get the mechanism working smash the platform on the left once. Hit the Crystal twice. Shoot the button twice, then pull lever.

Head to the right to end the level.

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