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The boss fight with Goderic and Sunny takes place over several phases. You’ll need to switch from Pontius to Zoya for close combat and ranged damage.

When the tentacle smashes into the ground dodge out of the way and hit it back to do a bit of damage to Goderic. Both Goderic and Sunny have their own health bars.

Switch to Zoya when a tentacle with turrets rises out of the water from one or both sides. The turrets can be destroyed with a single fire arrow.

Between tentacle attacks boss will shoot missiles. You can’t damage it during this phase so just dodge out of the way.

For another attack the boss will try to blow you into a spinning blade. Jump across the boxes using Pontius or Amadeus with their extra movement. Damage the mechanism on the left to do damage to Sunny.

During the second half of the boss fight a tentacle will wrap around the top of the screen and shoot down pillars of fire. Find a safe spot with Zoya and shoot arrows at the vulnerable spot on the right.

When the room is filled with mist use Pontius’ shadow to shine light to the top left. Zoya can then shoot an arrow at the bright spot on the tentacle.

These various attacks will continue until you’ve almost killed Goderic and Sunny. For the final attack you’ll need to use Zoya to pull off the front hatch, Amadeus to create a ball and Pontius to smash the ball into the breakable door. Goderic and Sunny will fall out.

Congratulations on completing Trine 5! If you enjoyed this make sure you check out the original Trine: Enchanted Edition.