Tunic is an action RPG game featuring a cute little fox who sets out on a grand adventure. Along the way you’ll face dozens of enemies, fight mighty bosses and find numerous secrets and collectibles. You’ll find items and weapons to help you on your quest and unlock new areas as you progress.

Tunic doesn’t come with a manual but you can collect pages of the manual in game. It will give you hints and tips showing you how to progress and where to find secrets. The walkthrough below will give you a step-by-step guide on getting through each area, finding all the secrets and defeating all of the bosses.

Tunic Walkthrough

Starting Out/East Forest/Lower Forest


Under the Well/Dark Tomb

West Garden

Forest Fortress/Beneath the Vault

Ruined Atoll/Frog Domain

The Quarry

Rooted Ziggurat

The Swamp

The Cathedral

Hero’s Graves and the Heir

Fairy Collection Guide

Treasure Collection Guide

Good Ending