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To reach the good ending you’ll need to find all the pages of the manual. If you find that some are missing take a look at the list below.

Tunic Instruction Manual Pages

Page Cover/1 – Open the sealed door at the top of the mountain. You’ll find a clue to this on page 49 of the manual. The solution is:


Page 2/3 – From the start of the game meditate at the first teleporter to be taken to a separated section of the teleporter hub where you’ll find these pages.

Page 4/5– South of the entrance to the Dark Tomb you’ll see this page but you’ll need the teleport/dash ability to reach it.

Page 6/7 – On the western side of the Forest Fortress after lowering the obelisk.

Page 8/9 – On a pedestal in the southeastern side of the Overworld. You’ll need to teleport/dash over to it.

Page 10/11 – As you make your way over to the Hero’s Grave you’ll find these two pages in the first room.

Page 12 – Found in the East Belltower dungeon.

Page 13/14 – You’ll find these pages to the south of the East Forest checkpoint.

Page 15 – After leaving the East Belltower walk across the bridge to the west and then to the north. You’ll find this page along with Page 28.

Page 16/17 – Take the ladder down in front of the Windmill. Defeat the enemies and pick up these pages.

Page 18/19 – Found in front of the opening to the Well.

Page 20/21 – Follow the path up the mountain to find these pages.

Page 22/23 – You must have the teleport/dash to reach these pages. From the Overworld go to the exit from the East Forest. Just to the north is the mouth of a statue. Dash over to it to find a merchant where you can find these pages.

Page 24/25 – Once you’ve opened the golden doors to the sealed temple follow the path to the northwest to find these pages.

Page 26/27 – From the first checkpoint head southwest and then north.

Page 28 – Found with Page 15.

Page 29 – Head down to the beach and follow it along to the east. Head behind the waterfall and continue until you find this page along with Page 32.

Page 30/31 – You’ll find these pages after defeating the boss of Beneath the Well.

Page 32 – Found with Page 29.

Page 33/34/35 – Once you find the checkpoint go into the next room to the north. You’ll find these pages directly to the left.

Page 36/37 – After coming out from the Eastern Vault you’ll find these pages to the southwest.

Page 38/39 – In a glass dome in the Great Library.

Page 40/41 – In a glass dome in the Great Library.

Page 42/43 – Southwest of the Old House teleport/Dash to the middle of the pool.

Page 44/45 – Behind the pool use the key combination from Page 43 to unlock the door and find these pages.

Page 46/47 – Behind the island where you found the Ice Dagger. Use the Teleporter to teleport to a new part of the island. Head east and north to get behind the island and find the pages.

Page 48/49 – Up on the cliff there’s a gold seal. Follow the pattern on the seal to activate it and these pages will appear.

Page 50/51 – In a glass dome in the Great Library.

Page 52-53 – In a room behind the Old House. Enter the pattern on the door with the D-pad to open it. Go inside to find these pages.

Page 54/55 – Enter the Secret Gathering Place behind the waterfall after releasing 10 Fairies. They’ll leave behind these pages as a reward.

Good Ending

Once you have all pages of the manual go to the teleporter hub and use the central teleporter to be taken to the Heir. Walk up to her and she’ll transform into a real Fox.

Congratulations on finding the Good Ending to Tunic. I hope you’ve enjoyed this game and this walkthrough!

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