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At the Rapids

From the portal follow the spark to the left. Slide down the rocks and swing across the small puddles.

Swing across the broken bridge up to the other side. If you fall in the water the fire creatures will get you. Enter through the water pipe under the bridge and then through another pipe into a room with a wheel mechanism.

Separate the Yarnys and push the lever at the bottom to the left. Jump onto the lever with one Yarny and then up to the middle box. Jump over the knob on the wheel and back down the other side. Bring the second Yarny up the same way to the top of the middle box. Push the bottom lever to the left and then step on the top lever with the second Yarny. Release the bottom lever and the knob should rotate to the top of the wheel.

The Yarny on the ground should be able to climb up to the knob and jump across to the sparkle. Pull the other Yarny up as well.

Continue through the flap and jump on the lever. Swing across and land on the weights on the other side of the paddle wheel.

Drop down to the left and lasso the lever with one Yarny so that the other Yarny can run under the weights when they lift up.

Jump the first Yarny up between the weights to stand on the top of the weight cage. This should keep the mechanism going so the second Yarny can run under the weights also.

Jump off the wall and onto the top weight, then across to the left. Push the red weight over to the weight cage and then step on the lever. You can now push the red weight onto the lever to hold it down. Drop down and run under the weight stack to the left.

Push the fulcrum to the right until the right side of the lever is under the weight stack. Jump on the paddle on the left side and when it lifts up jump between the gap to the top

Enter the pipe and you’ll come out the other side. Separate Yarnys and have the first drop down where the cog is located to activate the weights. Have the second Yarny jump around the right and then over to the middle weight stack. Swing the first Yarny over to the red wheel and drop it down. Push it onto the cog to get the weight stacks moving automatically.

Bring the first Yarny up, run under the set of 3 weight stacks and head through the pipe. For the next puzzle have one Yarny jump off the wall and lasso the lever to pull it down. The other Yarny can jump off the wall and onto the weight stack on the left side.

Jump the second Yarny over to the left and then pull the first Yarny up. To the left are two levers. Have each Yarny pull one of them down to open the dam and release the water.

Make your way down the river, jumping from rock to rock. You now have a double-jump ability you can use to make life a bit easier. Half way down there’s a sparkle collectible on a branch. You’ll need to use the double-jump to reach the side of the branch and another double-jump to get on top of it.

When you reach the shore you can use the spark trails to lasso and swing across. They also recharge your double-jump.

Continue down the river, using the spark trails for extra double-jumps. Head over the waterfall and when you reach the bucket do a double jump from the stump next to it to reach a branch. Double jump off the branch for the next collectible.

When you reach the rapids with the branch that’s on fire do a double jump from the rock to the first branch and again over to the second branch for the collectible.

Continue along the rapids until you reach the small waterfall. Jump across to the spark trail and then swing over the stump to the right.

Continue following the rapids. This level is quite fast paced but it isn’t that difficult.

When you reach the large tree blocking your path use the double jump and spark trails to climb up this swide of it and then swing over the top to the other side. Continue your journey along to the right and double jump onto the bridge to find the portal and complete the chapter.

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