The Night Elves are being besieged by Orcs, Humans and Undead who have invaded their forests. In this campaign the Night Elves must call the mighty Druids to help them restore order to their lands.

Eternity’s End Walkthrough

  1. Enemies at the Gate – The Humans and Orcs have moved deeper into Ashenvale Forest. The Night Elves must get rid of them.
  2. Daughters of the Moon – Help Tyrande stay clear of the Doom Guards and make it to the Elf town alive.
  3. The Awakening of Stormrage – Awaken the Druid Stormrage before his barrow is discovered by the Undead.
  4. The Druids Arise – Silent move through the forests while the Orcs, Humand and Undead battle it out.
  5. Brothers in Blood – Furion Stormrage and Tyrande descend into the Barrows.
  6. A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow – Illidan is tempted by Arthas and given the quest to reach the Skul of Gul’dan.
  7. Twilight of the Gods – Protect the Tree of Life from Archimonde for 45 minutes.