This is a fairly tricky mission in that you’ll need to move your entire base from place to place while avoiding the Undead, Human and Orc forces. If you’re not careful you could end up being squashed in the middle.


Main Quest

Awaken Druids – You must reach the Barrow Dens and destroy the corrupted Night Elves base.

Optional Quests

Crazed Furbolgs – Kill the crazy Furbolgs.

Cursed Glade – Kill the Death Revenant to heal the glade and restore the forest.


Ironwood Branch – In a Dark Troll camp to the east of your first gold mine.

Ring of Protection +2 – A Dark Troll Warlord to the north drops this ring.

The Druids Arise Walkthrough

The Druids Arise First CampThe First Camp

There is a Gold Mine just to the north east of your starting position so set up your first base there. Unfortunately this sits between Orc and Undead bases and the mine only has 2,000 gold so you  won’t be staying here long. You have two heroes for this mission, both Furion and Tyrande.

The Orcs and Undead will attack from the air so make sure you have at least a couple of Ancient Protects to help out.

Send your Owl Scout out to explore the map and find the next Gold Mine. A Dark Troll camp lies to the north and and east. The next Gold Mine is directly east.

The Second Camp

Pick up your camp and move it over to the next Gold Mine to the East. Once you get there you’ll probably spot the Crazed Furbolgs to begin the optional quest. If you’re up for it take on the Furbolgs. There’s a level 9 Furbolg Warlord to the north that must be killed if you want to complete this optional quest.

Once again this Gold Mine wont last you long but there is a Human base to the east with another small mine.

The Third Camp

The Druids Arise Human BaseTake your forces to the east along with your big trees and invade the Human Base. It’s lightly defended so you shouldn’t have any trouble taking over.

There mine only has about 2,000 gold in it but once you get into the glade it won’t matter anymore.

Outside of the southern gate you’ll find more Night Elf units who will tell you about the Cursed Glade.

The Cursed Glade

Send an Owl to scout out ahead and then send your forces into the Cursed Glade. The forest is haunted by Ghosts, Giant Wolves and Skeletons who are fairly weak and will give you gold every time you kill them.

The Death Revenant is to the south east. Once you kill it the glade will be restored.

Corrupted Night Elves

Unfortunately your mission isn’t over yet. As you head north to the Barrow Dens you’ll be stopped by Corrupted Night Elves working for Tichondrius. Bring all of your forces over to the eastern Gold Mine and set up your base there.

The corrupted base is protected by a couple of Ancient Protectors and Satyrs. Bring your forces up and have your Wisps build Ancient Protectors just outside their base. You can now draw their units back into sight of your Protectors.

Destroy all of the Corrupted Night Elf Buildings and then bring Furion north to the Barrow Dens to complete the mission. Continue on to Night Elf Chapter 5: Brothers in Blood.