A year after the end of Reign of Chaos Illidan Stormrage, the former prisoner, awakens the Naga and is headed towards Lordaeron. Maiev Shadowsong, the Night Elf, is in pursuit of Illidan with the help of Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrand Whisperwind.

Terror of the Tides Walkthrough

1) Rise of the Naga – Maiev Shadowsong begins her pursuit of Illidan with the help of some of her Night Elf friends. Maiev has the Blink and Fan of Knives abilities.

2) The Broken Isles – An ancient land has been raised from the bottom of the sea. Now there stands a number of islands that you’ll need to cross in order to find the entrance to the tomb of Sargeras.

3) The Tomb of Sargeras – Maiev follows Illidan into the tomb in order to stop him from summoning an evil power.

4) Wrath of the Betrayer – A runner is sent back to call for reinforcements. Defend the Night Elf base while sending out a strikeforce to make it to the transports.

5) Balancing the Scales – Maiev is under seige. Malfurion and Tyrande must reach her before it’s too late.

6) Shards of the Alliance – Tyrande and Maiev form an alliance with Prince Kael’thas of the Blood Elves. You must escort the wagon train across the river.

7) The Ruins of Dalaran – Stop the Summoner’s from completing the spell. They can only be damaged by magic and you only have 30 minutes before the spell is cast.

8) The Brothers Stormrage – The brothers are now working together to rescue Tyrande. Use Illidan’s Naga to destroy the Undead base and free Tyrande.