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Mission 46: Memories

Collectibles: Kurotsuba Headband, Kutotsuba Armor, Tengu Vest, Tengu Mask, Kurotsuba Leggings

This is the first time visiting the Woods of Memory there’s a few collectibles to find, 5 in total. Start by hugging the left cliff and jumping up to the first memory stone.

Jump over the rocks and continue along the path with the cliff on your left. Head up the three sets of stairs and jump over the fence by the waterfall for the first collectible, the Kurotsuba Headband.

There is another memory stone nearby, just downstream about 20 metres on this side of the river. Drop down to it.

Jump across to the other side of the river. Jump up to the top level of the ruins and walk across the other side of the room to find the Kurotsuba Armor.

Continue through the ruins and drop down to the lower level for the next memory stone. Head out of these ruins keeping the cliff on your left. You’ll spot another memory stone on a ledge quite a distance away.

When you’re picking it up look over the edge down towards the water and you’ll spot the next collectible, the Tengu Vest.

If you backtrack a little and instead from the ruins go down to the right you’ll find a cave. Follow the path around to the left for another memory stone.

At this point you have two more memory stones and two more collectibles to find. The two memories are quite far apart.

One is at the top of this cave system carved out of the cliff. It’s across the river from a red arch. The collectible, Tengu Mask is in the lower cave, shown with the white arrow.

From the collectible climb up to the top of the cave and follow the path as it winds up the hill. You’ll spot the final collectible, Kurotsuba Leggings, on a grass ledge on the other side a river.

Follow the path along and you’ll spot the last memory stone.

Head to the portal and escape to complete the mission.

Mission 47: Akatsuchi’s Sacred Relics

For this mission you’ll need to find the 3 Sacred Relics. Luckily there’s only a small number of them. Watch out for the Lurkers on the rooftops and use Shadow Vision to locate the items.

There is one in this building here:

And two in the palace:

Grab them and then escape to complete the mission. There are no more collectibles to find until you reach the final mission.

Mission 48: Alliance with Akai

For the next two missions you’ll need to sneak into enemy territory and deliver a letter without being seen or killing anyone.  You can still knock out enemies and use items like smoke bombs and amnesia needles.

From the start jump up the wall ahead and sneak in the back entrance of the palace.

Follow the path that you took when we were going after the collectibles. Head up the stairs and then sneak through the kitchen on the right side.

Go up the stairs on the other side of the kitchen and climb up to the room with the balcony. Go outside and climb up the roof to the highest balcony. Go inside and deliver the letter.

Drop down to the portal behind the palace and go through to end the mission.

Mission 49: Alliance with Nobu

This mission is similar to the last mission but you’ll need to travel a little further to deliver the letter. Make your way all the way to the back of the compound until you can start climbing up the hill towards the large mansion.

The mansion on the hill is where you need to get to but you should have been there before.

Once you reach the mansion sneak in one of the side windows from the red arch.

Make your way up to the top floor and deliver the message.

Head back to the portal to complete the mission, or use the Homeward Seal for a quick escape.

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