Aragami 2 by Lince Works was released in 2019 and is the sequel to the shadow stealth game Aragami. Some of the core mechanics have changed in the second game and combat has been worked on and upgraded. You’ll sill have the ability to control Shadow Essence as you dash, blink and fight your way through the entire campaign.

Aragami 2 features 51 missions over 9 chapters. After the Prologue you’ll find yourself in the village of Kakurega. This is where you’ll take on new missions, upgrade your equipment and learn new abilities as you level up.

Aragami 2 Walkthrough

Prologue & Kakurega Village

Chapter 1

The Elder’s Scroll
Securing Supplies
Sending a Message
Approaching the Enemy
Help the Militia I
Wails in the Night

Chapter 2

Approaching the Mines
Sumire’s Old Master
Mysterious Assignment
Mysterious Assassination
Akatsuchi Strategic Information
Rescue of Akatsuchi

Chapter 3

Help the Militia II
Camp Sabotage
Akatsuchi’s Archive
The Still of the Sacred Flame
Ash Flower
Help the Militia III
Akatsuchi’s Painter
Secret of Daikizo Mine

Chapter 4

Nensho’s Plans
Aragami Soul I
Aragami Soul II
Aragami Soul III

Chapter 5

Family I
Family II
Family III
Family IV
Family V
Protection Seal I
Protection Seal II

Chapter 6

Help the Militia IV
Strike Akatsuchi
Sabotage Nensho
Rob Nensho
Sabotage Akatsuchi
Strike Akatsuchi II
A Simple Mission

Chapter 7

Protect the People I
Protect the People II
Protect the People III
Protect the People IV
Looking for Clues

Chapter 8

Akatsuchi’s Sacred Relics
Alliance with Akai
Alliance with Nobu

Chapter 9