Blasphemous is a metroidvania fantasy set in the dark world of Custodia. Trapped in an endless cycle of death and rebirth it’s up to you to free the land from this foul curse known as The Miracle.

There are many secrets to find, enemies to face and bosses to challenge. In this walkthrough we’ll be picking up all of the collectibles, completing the story and side quests, and defeating all of the bosses.

There are about a dozen or so areas to complete. Some of them you’ll need to go back to multiple times as you find new items to unlock different locations. The game originally came with two endings but now has a third ending with The Wounds of Eventide DLC. We’ll go through each of them towards the end of the walkthrough.

Blasphemous Walkthrough

Part 1: Brotherhood of Silent Sorrow, Holy Line and Albero

Part 2: Mercy Dreams

Part 3: Desecrated Cistern

Part 4: Where Olive Trees Wither & Graveyard of the Peaks

Part 5: Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage

Part 6: Mountains of the Endless Dusk

Part 7: Jondo & Echoes of Salt

Part 8: Grievance Ascends

Part 9: Patio of the Silent Steps

Part 10: Library of Negated Words

Part 11: The Sleeping Canvases

Part 12: Mother of Mothers

Part 13: Retracing Our Steps

Part 14: Archcathedral Rooftops

Part 15: Wall of Holy Prohibitions

Part 16: Endings


Blasphemous Combat Tips

Blasphemous is a difficult game to play and it can seem unforgiving at first. There is always a path through, however, and even the most difficult areas will feel much easier once you know the best ways to deal with each of the enemies.

Some enemies you can parry and others you’re better off dodging. Some have ranged attacks that you can block, hit with your sword (such as the spear throwers), or dodge. If you’re not sure the best advice is to get out of the way.

If you do die your ghost will stay in the location of your death and you’ll gain “guilt”. Thorns will cover a section of your fervor making that section unusable until you find your ghost. You can also pay a confessor statue to absolve you of your guilt and get your fervor back.

Blood Fountains and Shrines can be used to replenish your health and viles. Filling up at a fountain will cost you tears but the shrines are free.

Try to kill as many enemies as you can along the way to save up tears. This is the currency used at the merchant’s shops. Some of their relics and items can get pretty expensive.

Viridiana will appear before certain boss fights and offer to help. During the fight she’ll heal you when you get down to low health. Each time she helps she’ll lost power and can only assist you three times at the most so choose wisely before you ask for her help.