Level 8 The VoidTreasure/Items

  1. Torch
  2. Scroll
  3. Copper Coin
  4. Jewal Symal
  5. Delta Sword
  6. FUL Bomb and Green Magic Box
  7. Mace of Order
  8. two FUL Bombs
  9. Staff of Manar
  10. Solid Key
  11. Chest with a Skeleton Key
  12. Two Apples
  13. Cheese
  14. Rabbit’s Foot and FUL Bomb
  15. Chest with a scroll and YA Potion
  16. Throwing Star
  17. Green Magic Box

Level 8 Walkthrough

There are plenty of Ghosts spawning on this level so make sure you have the Vorpal Blade form level 5 and hopefully all of your champions can cast the Harm Non-Immaterial Being spell (x52). There’s not a lot to find on this level apart from the Mace of Order and Delta Sword.

As soon as you walk down the stairs a pit will open up behind you. You can walk away and walk back towards the stairs to close the pit again.

Location 11 has a Chest with a Skeleton Key in it, and the Solid Key that opens the door at 13 is found at location 10. This will allow you to progress to Level 9. The Skeleton Key opens location 15, giving you access to another set of stairs down.

Once you have these items head down to Level 9: Pain Rats.