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Clash of the Dragons is the fourth chapter and this time Tarnum takes control of the Rampart faction as a Ranger to help the elves and dwarves. There are 8 scenarios in which Tarnum must help the good dragons and defeat the evil Queen Mutare.

The Dragontalker

For the first scenario you’ll start with a Rampart and need to reach the Dragontalker. There are no enemies to deal with so you can take your time dealing with the neutral creature stacks.

Choose as a starting bonus 5 Sharpshooters or 2000 Gold and go through the portal to the southeast corner where you’ll find the Red Keymaster’s Tent.

Next you’ll need to find the Pendant of Total Recall. Go through the Red Border Guard to the north and open the Quest Guard by giving them 5000 Gold and 15 Crystal. inside you’ll find the Pendant.

Make your way to the northeast corner, giving the Quest Guard the Pendant. You’ll need to get past the stack of Green Dragon’s before you can speak with the Dragontalker in the hut and end the mission.

Dragon’s Blood

This mission is played on a small map with a level cap of 12. You can choose either +1 Attack or +1 Defense and your two best heroes will follow you to the next scenario.

You begin with a Rampart on the western side while the red enemy has an Inferno on the eastern side. Try to deal with the Inferno town early. You’ll need to either go through the garrison or sail a ship across to the other side. As the garrison is heavily defended it’s much easier to build a ship and sail across.

To the south you’ll find an island with Valita stuck in a prison. Free her so she can open the quest guard to the north. Then go through, defeat the Arch Devils and grab the Vial of Dragon’s Blood to complete the scenario.

The Dragon Mothers

Once again you can choose +1 Attack or +1 Defense as a starting bonus. Your objective is to rescue the Gold Dragon Mothers in the southwest room of the Underground. You’ll begin with a Rampart near the center of the map. The red enemy has just one Dungeon in the underground area.

To reach the Underground you’ll need to go through a heavily defended garrison to a two-way monolith. This takes you to the southwest corner where you can go through a subterranean gate.

Once underground go through the Quest Guard with Tarnum and tag the Purple Keymaster’s Tent. Take out the Red Dragons and go through the Purple Border Guard to the south. You’ll now reach the enemy Dungeons. It’s best to take them over so your free to explore.

To the southwest of the underground is another Quest Guard that only Tarnum can open. Kill the Red and Black Dragons and free the Gold Dragons to complete the scenario.

Make sure you visit the Seer’s Huts as they’ll give some great rewards, including 100 Battle Dwarves for 20 War Unicorns and +5 Defense to any hero that has at least 10 Knowledge and Power.

Dragons of Rust

For the fourth scenario in the campaign you can choose +1 Spellpower of Knowledge as your starting bonus. It’s played on a small map and you’ll need to wipe out the Red enemy to win.

You begin with a Rampart on the southern side of the lake. You’ll want to take over the 3 Dragon Cliffs as early as possible so you can field an army of Dragons. The enemy has access to Rust Dragons but they are very expensive so you should be able to build an army more quickly.

To reach the enemy you’ll need to get through two quest guards. The first needs the Pendant of Dispassion found nearby by the Harpies. The second only needs Tarnum. This means the enemy will be locked in the northern section until you open it. Defeat the Red enemly to complete the scenario.


The fifth scenario is played on a medium map and you can choose either +1 Knowledge of +1 Spellpower as your starting bonus. You must defeat all enemy heroes and towns to complete the mission.

You’ll begin with a Rampart in the northwestern corner of the map while the red enemy has a Dungeon in the southeastern corner. A friendly hero, Sorsha is trapped behind a Quest Guard that only Tarnum can open. Try to free her early as she has a large army of Castle units with her.

The neutral towns are heavily guarded by Crystal Dragons. You can visit the Seer’s Hut to the south of the northeastern castle and trade 40 Crystals for 2 Crystal Dragons. South of the neutral Rampart you can visit the Seer and trade 25 War Unicorns for 11 Gold Dragons. This will help build up your army for when you break through the Red Garrison and defeat the Red Enemy.

Dragons of Gassamer Wings

For this scenario you start with a Homestead or 16 Sharpshooters. The Sharpshooters should be worth far more than the Homestead. The mission ends once you’ve hired 12 Faerie Dragons.

You begin in the north with a Rampart and Castle seperated by a river. If you have Town Portal you can teleport between them. Otherwise you’ll need to defeat the neutral creatures to clear the monoliths joining the lands together.

The enemy has an Inferno and Dungeon in the Underground. Take the monolith to the south to go to the Underground. Then tag the two Keymaster’s Tents that lead to the monoliths which take you to the two islands with Faerie Dragons.

Faerie Dragons cost 10000 Gold and 8 Gems each so you’ll need 120,000 Gold and 96 Gems to hire 12 of them and complete the scenario.

Dragons of Deepest Blue

For this mission you can start with 4,000 Gold or 10 of each of the precious resources as a starting bonus. You must defeat all enemy heroes and towns to complete the scenario.

You’ll begin with a Rampart and Castle in the southeastern corner of the map while the red enemy has 4 Dungeons. Neutral Garrisons with Rust Dragons block access between your and the red enemies lands.

Near to your starting area you’ll find Magic Forest that let you hire Faerie Dragons. Unfortunately they’re guarded by Azure Dragons, the most powerful dragon in the game. Red have access tto Crystal, Rust and Azure Dragons.

To the northeast you’ll find a Red Dungeon with a Light Blue Keymaster’s Tent nearby. To the southwest you’ll find a second Red Dungeon with a Red Tent nearby. Then in the center you’ll find a third dungeon with a Green Tent. Once you’ve tagged the tents take out the final Red Dungeon in the center north.

Clash of Dragons

For the final scenario of the campaign you can choose 20 Sharpshooters or Mage Guild Level 3 for your starting bonus. You probably have the spells already so the 20 Sharpshooters are a better choice.

This is a large map with the green towns to the north west and the red towns to the south and east. The center sand bar blocks progress to the south.

If you have Town Portal combine your armies together and teleport to the green Rampart on the sandbar. Quickly take over the two red towns on either side of the sandbar. This will give you 7 Towns to the enemies 5. Otherwise you can use the Monolith to teleport over to the sandbar but one end is blocked by Black Dragons.

To reach the southern side of the map use the Whirlpool and teleport to the southern sea. Take out the enemy towns on the southern island and then land on the island to the southwest corner. Go through the Subterranean Gate and take over the final Inferno in the Underground to complete the campaign.

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