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The World Tree is a smaller campaign in which Tarnum must defend the World Tree from the Necromancers who are intent on burning it down.

Tarnum will be a Barbarian and you’ll be in control of the Stronghold faction. The second and third scenario can be a little tricky so make sure you build up your heroes in the first scenario. Unlike most campaigns artifacts are kept between scenarios.

A Distant Cry

For the first scenario you can choose 20 Hobgoblins or 20 Wood as a starting bonus. You must defeat all enemy towns and heroes.

You begin with a Stronghold in the southwest. There are three monoliths to the the north that lead to 3 Underground caves each with an enemy Necropolis. Take them out to defeat the enemy.

Visit the learning stones with each of your heroes to level them up before the next scenario. The enemy will fight amongst themselves, making this scenario easier than it first appears.

Senseless Destruction

For Senseless Destruction you can choose 3,000 Gold or 20 Wolf Raiders as a starting bonus. I would go with the Wolf Raiders for an early start.

Your Stronghold is in the northeast corner while the Red Enemy have one Necropolis above ground and 3 Necropolis towns Underground. This time there are no enemies to fight against each other.

Red Garrisons protect each of the towns so reaching them will be more difficult. In the southwest on the surface you’ll find some mines and resources. To the east in the Underground you’ll find a few buildings to increase your stats but you’ll need to break through the Garrisons to reach them.

The World Within

For the third scenario you can choose +1 Attack and +1 Defense or +1 Spellpower and +1 Knowledge as a starting bonus. As the blue enemy starts with 2 towns to your 1 you’ll want to move quickly before they build up an army.

Head north in the Underground and go through the Monolith to the Surface. The monolith is protected by Thunderbirds. Once on the Surface make your way to the south and take over the enemy towns to complete the scenario.

The Roots of Life

The Roots of Life is another small map. To win you must defeat Targor and you begin with either an Endless Sack of Gold or the Magic Arrow spell. The Blue and Red enemies are allied together. Both paths leading out of your starting area are blocked by neutral Garrisons.

In the northwest corner you’ll find a Red Keymaster’s Tent behind a neutral Garrison. Then head to the northeast to find a Red Border Gate and the Pendant of Total Recall behind it. Tag the Green Keymaster’s Tent and head south to take out the Blue Stronghold.

The monolith near the Stronghold takes you Underground where you’ll find the Red Necropolis. Take the Pendant to the Quest Guard to the northwest. Behind it you’ll find King Targor hiding in the last Stronghold.


Rebirth is the final scenario for this small campaign. You can choose 5 Thunderbirds or 5 of each of the precious resources as your starting bonus.

You begin with 3 Strongholds on the Surface while the Red enemy has 3 Necropolises in the Underground. Build up your forces until you can wipe out the stack of Ghost Dragons guarding the Subterranean Gate to the north and the Ancient Behemoths on the other side.

Once in the Underground hunt down the enemy heroes and take over the 3 Necropolises to win the scenario.

Building an army will be easier with all pieces of the Statue of Legion. The Legs of Legion can be found in your starting area protected by Skeletons.

The Loins of Legion are to the northeast protected by Zombies. The Torso of Legion can be found to the west protected by Wraiths. The Arms of Legion can be found east of the northern Stronghold protected by Vampires.

The Head of Legion can be found to the southeast protected by Liches. You can find all these pieces and put them together before going Underground and dealing with the Red enemy.

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