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This is the third chapter of Heroes Chronicles in which Tarnum must become a Wizard in order to join the Wizards of Bracada in their fight against the Elemental Lords. It consists of 8 scenarios and you’ll be using mostly the Tower faction.

The Trouble with Magic

For this small scenario you can choose either 10 Obsidian Gargoyles or +1 Spellpower. You begin with a Tower in the southeast and must take over the Conflux town to the northwest.

You’ll be limited to fourth tier creatures in your town and you can’t build a Mage Guild or buy a Spellbook. Claim the nearby Mage Tower dwellings to build up a small force of Mages. Taking over the nearby Conflux town shouldn’t be too difficult. There’s a Gold Mine in the northeast to help with your economy.

Walking on Clouds

This is the Plane of Air and you must gain control over the element of Air by defeating the enemies in this area. You begin this scenario with a Tower in the southeast and either a Lookout Tower or 1000 Gold as your starting bonus. You must defeat the Teal enemy who starts with a Conflux town in the northeastern corner of the Underground.

Build up an army quickly and grab the Orb of the Firmament and Tome of Air Magic to the north of your starting Tower. Both of these carry over to future scenarios. Then go through the two-way monolith in the north that leads to the Underground. Once teal has been defeated the mission will be complete.

Don’t Drink the Water

This is the Plane of Water and consists of many small islands surrounded by water. You begin with a Tower on an island to the southwest and can choose either 30 Wood or 30 Ore as your starting bonus.

To the east of your starting island you’ll find the Necklace of Ocean Guidance and the Sea Captain’s Hat. These can be combined to form the Admiral’s Hat which removes all penalties for boarding and unboarding a boat.

On an island to the north of your starting position you’ll find the Orb of Driving Rain and the Tome of Water Magic. Both of these will carry over to future scenarios so you’ll want to grab them before completing the scenario.

The Witch Merist can be found far to the north with her Green Fortress. Once she’s been defeated the mission will be complete.

Hard Place

The fourth scenario takes place on the Plane of Earth. You begin with a Tower in the northwest corner of the surface. There are two neutral Dungeons and the Tan opponent has two Dungeons in the south. Your starting bonus is either the Crown of the Supreme Magi or 5 of each of the precious resources.

The Dungeons won’t be well defended to begin with so make a quick trek south or east and take them over. You can’t train Giants in your starting Tower but if you take over the Dungeons you will be able to train Red Dragons.

Towards the center of the map you’ll find a Subterranean Gate. Go through to find the Orb of Silt and Tome of Earth Magic in the Underground. These artifacts carry over to the next scenarios but are heavily guarded.

Once the Tan opponent has been defeated the scenario will be a success.

The secret in the Flames

The final plane is the Plane of Fire. You begin with either 8 Enchanters or 12 Magi. Your Tower is in the northwest corner and there are two nearby Red Infernos on this small map. To complete this mission you bust defeat Red and gain control of all Fire Elemental Altars.

The Red Inferno towns can be captured early before they build up many forces. From there you can gather an army and capture the Fire Altars, some of which are Underground. To get to the Underground go through the Monolith in the southeast corner. Tag all the altars to complete the mission.

Make sure you check out all the Pandora’s Boxes along the way. Two of them contain the Orb of Tempestuous Fire and the Tome of Fire Magic. These are carried over to future scenarios.

The Magic that Binds

For this mission you are in a race to find the three Magic Elementals known as The First. You can choose either a Mage Guild Level 2 or 6 Enchanters as your starting bonus.

Your starting town is a Conflux town in the southwest corner of the map. You’ll also have your three best heroes from the previous scenario.

This mission takes place only on the surface where there are 4 Conflux enemies. Each of them is a minion of one of the Elemental Lords.

Birds of Fire

The second last scenario is played on a small map with the objective to capture the enemy Conflux town. You begin with either 12 Enchanters or 4000 Gold.

Explore the starting area and then go through the two-way monolith to the northeast. This takes you to the Underground. Go through another portal to another chamber where you can recruit Firebirds. Take a third portal to the enemy Conflux town.

Masters of the Elements

The final scenario is played on a large map with either a City Hall or Citadel as your starting bonus. You must defeat all enemy towns and heroes.

The Elemental Lords will each control a Conflux town in one of the corners. The path to each of them is protected by 7th level creatures. Start by taking over the two neutral Conflux towns to the east.

As you approach the first neutral Conflux you’ll be given a group of Phoenixes. There’s also a secret spot far to the south of your starting town where you’ll be given an army of upgraded Tower units.

Use the free units or build an army to clear the paths to the Elemental Lords. Once they’re defeated the campaign will be complete.

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