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For the seventh campaign, Revolt of the Beastmasters, Tarnum must go undercover to lead the Mudlanders to freedom. You’ll be playing as the Fortress faction through 8 scenarios.

Due to the swampy environment you’ll want to find heroes with good movement. Try to take Logistics and Pathfinding when the opportunity arises otherwise enemy heroes will outrun you and you’ll be chasing them all over the map.


The first scenario is played on a small map with Basic Logistics or Leadership as a starting bonus. Logistics is a must have skill for these scenarios on swampy land.

You’ll begin with a Fortress in the southwest corner while Red has a Castle in the northeast. You are limited to third level creatures but all neutral Gnoll and Lizardman stacks will join you when approached. Defeat Red to complete the scenario.

The First Law

You begin with a Fortress in the southeast corner and can choose +1 Spellpower or +1 Knowledge as a starting bonus. You must defeat the Red enemy to complete the scenario.

The First Law is played on a small map so you can explore it fairly quickly. Red has two Castles and in the center is a neutral Fortress that can give you extra income but isn’t able to build dwellings.

Quickly take out one of the Red Castles to give you the advantage. Build up an army and take out the second Castle when you’re ready. You may want to build a few Mage Guilds for useful spells. Heroes are limited to level 14 for this scenario.

By Royal Decree

For this scenario you can choose +1 Attack or +1 Defense as a starting bonus. To win you must defeat the Red enemy. You begin with 2 Fortresses on the southern side of the map. The center is divided by a friendly Garrison which should hold off the enemy for a little while.

The Baron Paglon is in the closest Castle. Take him out first if you think you have the forces, otherwise walk past it and grab the Red Castle in the northwest corner first.

The King’s Son

For this mission you begin with 3 Fortresses. To the east of the center Fortress you’ll find a Red Castle that you’ll want to take over fairlly quickly. All the other Red Castles are on the eastern side of the lake so taking over this Castle will give you total control of the western side of the map.

The enemy will break through the pass in the north around the third week so make sure you send your units up to the Fortress in the north. When you’re ready send your units through the northern pass and start taking over the remaining Red Castles to win the scenario.

The Ransom

You begin with the Armor of the Damned or Endless Bag of Gold as a starting bonus. The armor is by far the better artifact as it’s a combination of multiple smaller artifacts, each giving you a buff.

You’ll begin with a Fortress in the southeast corner of the Surface. The center is blocked off so you can only reach the Red enemy to the north by going through the Subterranean Gate. Underground you’ll need to go through a Quest Guard that only Tarnum can open, this means you’re safe from the enemy until you choose to attack.

Clear out your side of the map, build an army and go through the Underground tunnel to reach the Red Castle. Once it’s captured and all enemy heroes defeated the scenario will be complete.

Beyond the Borders

As a starting bonus you can choose 4,000 Gold or 10 of each of the precious resources. You must defeat all enemy hereoes and towns and begin with a Fortress on the southern side of the map.

Red begins with 2 Castles but has no army so you can capture one of the Castles quickly to take the advantage. Once both Castles have been captured and Red has been defeated the scenario will be complete.

Naming a Nation

You begin with a Stronghold in the northeast and a Fortress in the southwest. The Red enemy has a Castle in the center on the northern island and two Castles on the island to the south. The starting bonus is 25 Hobgoblins or 15 Wolf Raiders.

You’ll want to move quickly to explore the northern island and build up your forces. Hire Behemoths in the Stronghold to the north and tag the Castle dwellings near the Fortress. Take over the Red Castle on your side of the ocean and keep units nearby to defend it.

Pretty quickly Red will send out heroes across the sea to explore your side of the map and capture any towns that aren’t defended. I found the best strategy was to send my own hero to the south island and capture the 2 Red Castles. At least one of them should be fairly built up, giving you a significant advantage. Once Red has been defeated the scenario will be complete.

The First Tatalian War

For the final scenario you begin with 20 Archers or 25 Lizard Warriors and a Fortress in the northwest and a Castle in the Northeast. The hero Niven will be joining you for the final mission and will be near your Castle.

Red has 2 Castles, one of which is where King Gryphonheart is hiding, trapped behind a Light Blue Border Gate. Take over the other Red Castle first with a quick strike. Then you’re free to explore the map and build up an army as King Gryphonheart can’t go anywhere. Once you have the forces take out the King to complete the campaign.

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