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Chapter 6, the Fiery Moon, carries on from the previous campaign. Tarnum must search for the Ancestors who have been imprisoned by Vorr, the Insane. There are 5 scenarios, making this one of the shorter campaigns.

For this campaign all artifacts, as well as spells and experience will carry over to future scenarios. You’ll be playing the Stronghold faction with the main enemy Vorr controlling the Necropolis.

The Endless Sands

For the first scenario you need to capture the one Inferno town. You begin with a Stronghold in the Underground and must head to the Surface to find the Inferno town. You begin with +1 Attack or +1 Defence as a starting bonus.

From the Stronghold go to the east and north to find the Green Keymaster’s Tent. Taking the southern path leads to a monolith that takes you to the Subterranean Gate. Go through to reach the Surface.

Once on the Surface head to the southeast for the Blue Keymaster’s Tent. The Inferno can be found behind a Blue Border Gate to the northeast.

Pick up as many artifacts as you can find as they’ll carry over to the next scenario. The Targ of the Rampaging Ogre can be found Underground while the Ogre’s Club of Havoc is to the northwest on the Surface. The Equestrian’s Gloves are also on the Surface, to the northwest of the Blue Tent.

The Nameless Land

You begin with 2,000 Gold or 10 Wood and Ore as a starting bonus with the objective to capture Blackdome in the northeast. The red enemy has a second Inferno to the east which can be captured very quickly to make the rest of the map easier.

Ther’s also a second Stronghold to the west. This is neutral but can be captured for Gold and troops. When you’re ready march on Blackdome and conquer it to complete the scenario.

The Sparkling Bridge

The objective for this mission is to activate the Sparkling Bridge. To do this you’ll need to find the Ring of the Wayfarer. You begin with 1,000 Gold or 30 Hobgoblins.

You’ll begin with a Stronghold in the southwest corner of the Surface. Blue has 2 Confluxes further north while Red has 2 Confluxes in the Underground.

Take the Blue Conflux to the northeast first and launch an attack on the other Blue Conflux town to the northwest shortly after that. With 3 towns in your possession you can tag the Light-Blue Keymaster’s Tent and build a large army to send through the Subterranean Gate to the Underground.

Once Underground go through the Light Blue Border Gate to the east, build a ship and sail it across the lake to the Red Conflux Town. Next to it you’ll find the Brown Keymaster’s Tent.

Go back across the river and north through the Brown Border Gate to the final Conflux town and Black Keymaster’s Tent. To the northeast you’ll find the Black Border Gate and the Subterranean Gate that leads to the Ring of the Wayfarer.

The Fiery Moon

The Fiery Moon is also on a small map and you begin with 10 Orc Chieftains or 20 Wolf Raiders. You must defeat Xyron to complete the scenario.

The Red enemy has 2 Infernos on the Surface while you only have 1 Stronghold. There is a Red Inferno in the Underground to keep Xyron alive once you conquer the Red towns.

You begin in the center with only your heroes. Go east to find the Stronghold and capture it. Next to it you’ll find the Red Keymaster’s Tent.

Go through the monolith in the southwest to reach the Inferno in the northwest. March eastwards to capture the second Inferno. Tag the Black Keymaster’s Tent so you can use the Black Border Gate for a shortcut between the Inferno and Stronghold.

When you are ready go through the monolith in the north to be taken to the blocked off area to the south. Explore this area to the east and go through the Red Border Gate to face Xyron.

Vorr, the Insane

For the final scenario you can choose 15 Orc Chieftains or the Equestrian’s Gloves as a starting bonus. As you probably have many artifacts already the Orc Chieftains are the better choice.

Your one Stronghold is on the eastern edge of the map. Blue has 2 Conflux towns while Red has 2 Infernos. Vorr can be found in the center Inferno with a heavily defended Garrison.

Visit the Seer’s Hut to the south of your starting location and trade a Speculum for a Phoenix. You may already have a Speculum but if you don’t you’ll find one to the west of your Stronghold.

With the Phoenix you can open the Quest Guard to the southwest and take over the neutral Stronghold. Conquer the two Blue Conflux towns on the western side and then build a ship at the Shipyard by the lake. Sail across to capture the Inferno town to the north east.

With all the towns except the center Inferno under your control you’re free to expolre the map and build up an army. When you are ready go through the central garrison and defeat Vorr.

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