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Warlords of the Wasteland is the first chapter in the Heroes Chronicles series. It tells the story of Tarnum before the foundation of the kingdom of Erathia. The great barbarian King Jarg ruled the lands until the Wizards of Bracaduun enslaved the barbarians. Tarnum heard about the great king through the last few bards and decides to free the barbarians from the yoke of slavery.

The first chapter consists of 8 scenarios, showing the battles of Tarnum as he becomes a leader, deals with traitors and seeks revenge against the Wizards. Slowly madness descends on Tarnum as he begins to see threats in every corner, even amongst his own advisors.

A Barbarian King

For the first scenario you need to defeat the Lord of the Barbarian clans, Rabak. You can choose either 15 Hobgoblins or Basic Leadership as a starting bonus.

Your stronghold is in the northwest corner of the map. There’s a Gold Mine to the south and a neutral Stronghold to the east. Once you have the two Strongholds build an army and go through the portal to the east of the second Stronghold. This leads to Rabaks lands. Try to pick up as many hero bonuses as possible as Tarnum and your one strongest hero will join you in the next scenario.

The Criminal King

The second scenario also takes place on a small map. you can choose between 10 Wolf Raiders and basic Armorer as your starting bonus. You must defeat all enemy heroes and towns.

You’ll start with a Stronghold and the blue enemy holds 3 Towers. The Tower to the northwest is portected by a garrison, while to reach the other two you’ll need to travel through portals. Try to capture the Cliff Nest to the south quickly so you can add Rocs to your army. Then take the first Tower past the garrison. Reinforce your army and head throgh the portals to capture the other two Towers.


Your starting bonus for this mission is +1 Attack or +1 Defence. You must defeat the enemy to win this scenario. Even though this is a small map navigating it can be difficult as you’ll need to find a series of Keymaster’s Tents and Portals. The tents you need to find are Light Blue, to the west, Green, past the border guard, and Red, north of the Stronghold.

Once you’ve visited the tents go east through the portal to find the Purple Keymaster’s Tent. Take another portal to make it back to the Stronghold. Now that you have access through the Purple Border Guard in the northwest, build up and army and take out the enemy.

The War for the Mudlands

For this map you can choose the Boots of Speed or 15 Orcs as your starting bonus. You begin near a Stronghold on the southern edge of the map. You’ll be facing off agains the 3 Wizard-Kings in the north.

To the east is another Stronghold that you’ll want to capture quickly. Then on the western edge, but further north is a third Stronghold. The 3 enemies each hold a single Fortress but there are another two neutral Fortresses in the mudlands.

Your lands are protected by Border Gates so you do have some time to build up an army. Once again there are a series of gates that you’ll need to navigate to take out the 3 enemies.

Siege of the Wallpeaks

Siege of the Wallpeaks is played on a large map and you begin with one Stronghold and one Fortress. The enemy will have 5 Castles so you’ll need to move quickly or they’ll build up a large army.

Breaking through the Garrisons to the east will let you siege the enemy Castles. The last Castle is protected by a Purple Border Gate. To get through it you must first visit the Green Keymaster’s Tent, then the White. After that go through the portal in the northeast corner. Visit the Black Keymaster’s Tent in the southeast corner and then tag the Purple Tent.

To make this mission a bit easier you can find the four parts of the Titan’s Thunder or visit the Raider’s Plateau by going through the portal in the northwestern corner. On the plateau you’ll find a Scroll of Town Portal and a portal that will let you skip past some of the enemy garrisons.


You begin with either 10 Ogre Magi or Haste, and a Stronghold in the center of the map. Your strongest hero will join you and be placed near a neutral Fortress just to the north. Capture this quickly if you can.

To the west are two Castles and to the east two Towers. You don’t need to defeat all the ememies, only reach the Stronghold of Dragonspire in the northeastern corner of the map.

Quickly take to the northwestern Tower and make your way south to take the second Tower and wipe out the green enemy. Northeast of your starting Stronghold you’ll find a jail protected by Halberdiers. Free the prisoner inside to find a high level hero.

Slash and Burn

You should be able to finish this scenario pretty quickly. You begin with a Stronghold in the southeast and can choose +1 Defence or +1 Attack as your starting bonus.

Quickly gather a small army and head to the west. There are two portals here, the one to the north leads to the neutral Fortress and the one to the south leads to the two enemy Towers. If you’re feeling confident enough skip the neutral Fortress and go straight for capturing the blue Stronghold and Tower to finish the scenario.


You begin with a Stronghold in the northwest and an Ancient Behemoth or 3 Thunderbirds as your starting bonus. The blue enemy starts with two Towers and the Castle Steelhorn. You need to capture Steelhorn to win.

The portal to the north of your Stronghold you’ll come out to further to the east, near the neutral Castle and one enemy Tower. Once you capture them use the shipyard to build a ship and go through the whirlpool. This will transport you to a lake in the center of the map. From here you’ll get access to another neutral Castle and Tower.

Steelhorn is to the south but is protected by a Green Border Gate. To get through it you’ll need to find the Red Keymaster’s Tent in the southwestern corner. Come back, go through the whirlpool and take the two-way portal north of the second Castle. This takes you underground to the Green Keymaster’s Tent. Now you can get through the Green Border Guard and capture Steelhorn.

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