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There are no challenges to complete for this level, just a boss fight. You can raise your staff to turn the gears around so that you can jump through the gap on one side of them.

Once you land on the other side the Pharaoh will appear. I used the High Powered Shotgun for this Fight. The boss has a slap attack and a clap that damages in a shockwave around him.

Between phases you’ll be attacked by various enemies. Stay away from the ice vents when they turn on. At one point between phases you’ll need to jump between the gap in the gears to get away from them.

Finish off the boss and you’ll find another piece of the Osiris statue. Back near the entrance you’ll find the Rocket Launcher.

Head out of the tomb back to the Cliffside.


There is one other tomb to the north, where we found the final red skull for this area. If you try to open the entrance you’ll see the gears are iced shut. You’ll need to shatter the ice around the 4 gears to free the mechanism. The first is just to the right of the tomb entrance.

Head down the stairs for the second gear by the scaffolding.

The third is a little to the south by the entrance to the challenge tomb.

Go up the scaffolding and just to the right you’ll find the fourth gear.

Head back up and enter the Tomb of the Architect

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