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The Pyramid

When you enter the Pyramid you’ll see the waters have receded and the tomb to the east is open. Head over there and go inside.

Tomb of Sobek


Time Trial: 3:00
Feed Sobek 3 Time Bombs at once
Feed Sobek one of his minions

Make your way along the bridge to the battle arena. This one takes place over 3 phases. You may need to go through it twice to complete all of the challenges. To begin the boss fight hit the switch above the net.

The net will raise and Sobek will be called. To feed Sobek you’ll need to blow the time bombs into the net. This is the easiest phase to feed him 3 time bombs as there aren’t any enemies yet. Place 3 bombs in the net and hit the switch above.

Once Sobek emerges again jump on top of his below and lay down a bomb. This is the only way to damage him.

For the second phase you’ll need to do the same thing but Sobek’s warriors will be attacking. For this phase you might want to blast a warrior into the crate for the challenge.

Feed a time bomb to Sobek and blast his belly to complete phase 2 and phase 3. That ends the boss fight and a temple will rise up in the center of the arena. Go inside to find a Canopic Jar.

Shrine of Osiris

Make your way back along the bridge to the Shrine of Osiris. You’ll notice that the area is now covered in snow.

From the shrine go south down the stairs and climb up onto an iceberg in the lake. Jump across to the iceberg in the corner and climb up the pillar for Red Skull #10. If you’ve collected all 10 red skulls in this area you’ll get a Max Health Upgrade.

From the shrine go west across the ice bridge. Step on the pressure plate to open the gate but you don’t need to go through right now. It’s just a shortcut.

Continue along the path to the southwest to reach the Cliffside.


Jump across the pillars and arches for Red Skull #1.

Just to the south is a gold ball on a small hill. Move it across and blast it up to the pressure plate. This opens the gate to the Max Health Upgrade.

Grab the gold ball again and roll it down to the south, following the little footsteps in the snow. Continue following the footsteps until you see another pressure plate. This one opens the alcove below for a Max Ammo Upgrade.

You’ll also spot Red Skull #2 on a pillar. Jump across the pillars from the first one by the ramp to reach it.

Now grab the gold ball and roll it down the steps. Follow the footsteps again down to the south. Use the gold ball to jump up to Red Skull #3.

From here go east to the entrance to the next tomb.

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