Return to Monkey Island is the conclusion of the classic point-and-click Monkey Island adventure series by Ron Gilbert.  You’ll meet old and new friends on your way to Monkey Island where you’ll finally reveal the true secret of the island.

There’s a new Governor and new pirate leadership has taken over the Scumm Bar. You’ll need to convince them to help you on your quest or the evil zombie pirate LeChuck will find the secret before you. Return to Monkey Island is split into a Prologue and 5 parts. Each of the parts may take up to 2 hours to complete.

Return to Monkey Island Walkthrough

Prologue – An Unexpected Story Begins

Part 1 – A Friendly Place

Part 2 – A Dangerous Journey

Part 3 – Return to Monkey Island

Part 4 – Things Get Complicated

Part 5 – Beneath the Monkey Head

Trivia Cards

There are collectible Trivia Cards dotted around the islands. There’s no set location for these cards. When you pick one up another one will respawn in the same location after about 5 minutes unless you have more than 10 unanswered cards in your Trivia Book.