Use the map and go to the Reactor Entrance. Speak with Danton about everything. Climb up the ladder and go to the Train.


Speak to the woman about underground access to the Ministry of Energy. She’ll give you a Map of the underground tunnels.┬áLeave and go to the Cathedral.

Cathedral of St. Steven

Speak to Jess about providing a distraction. She’s unwilling at this point.

Reaper’s Lair

Go back to the Reaper and ask for help in getting the Reaper Cultists to co-operate. He’ll go with you to the Cathedral to speak with them.

Cathedral of St. Steven

The Reaper will convince the Cultists to make the demonstration in front of the Ministry.

Reactor Entrance

Head back to the reactor and speak with Danton and let them know that everything is ready for the ambush.


Shardlight Tunnel

Use your Crossbow on the switch on the roof to open a trapdoor and let down a ladder. Climb up the ladder and take the corridor to the tower.

Ministry of Energy

When Danton starts fighting the guard use your Crossbow on the guard. Enter level 36 and examine the bookcase but the Doctor’s notebook is gone. Exit the room and keep heading up to Tiberius.

The elevator will stop on the way up. Use the Metal Bar on the panel in the elevator roof and climb up through the hatch.

When Danton bravely, or foolishly, tries to attack the guards use the Crossbow on the rope holding up the chandelier. Use the elevator panel to bring up the elevator.

When you see the psychic you have the option to keep him or spare him. Either option is fine and won’t affect the game.

Tiberius is at the top and will start a fight with Danton. You’ll have the choice to shoot one or the other or both of them. These three choices will give you a different ending to the game.

Shooting Tiberius will give you the Chaos Ending.

Shooting Danton will give you the Order Ending.

Shooting them both will give you the Free Will Ending.

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