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Shardlight Rebel Base

Climb down the ladder to the reactor and be confronted by Danton. Speak with her again to find out the the lottery draw is rigged. Climb up the ladder to go to Willowdale Plaza.

Willowdale Plaza

Head forwards around the building. Use the Rope on the Crossbow and then the Crossbow on the branch to climb up the rope and into the building.

Denby is being held captive. Listen to the dialogue and when you have the chance use your Crossbow on the guard to the right.

While you are struggling with the guard use the Syringe to stab him…

Pop’s Farm

Have a chat with Gus and Pop to find out what’s going on and then head out the door.

Market District

Go to the Market District and talk with the Reaper Cultist. Tell him that you’re ready to join and he’ll refer you to Claire by the Cathedral. Exit and head to the Cathedral.

Cathedral of St. Steven

Talk to the woman in front of the Cathedral and tell her you are ready to die. Enter the doors and listen to the service.

Shardlight Cathedral

Speak with Jess, the woman at the pulpit, about everything. She’ll give you information about the reaper and offer the chance of speaking to him through a vision. Head through the door to the right to got out to the garden. Click on the decanter to take a drink.


In your vision you’ll see Clem. Follow him into the Abyss where you’ll meet three people who were important to you.

Denby will take you to see the ravens and you’ll discover the red-eyed ravens are mechanical.

Dad will take you to fix his car. Have a look at the car, fix the fan, look at the car again, fix the pump and then go back to the car. You’ll have a chat with your dad and then jump off.

Lastly speak with the guard. He stands in the way between you and the reaper. Use the Syringe on him like you did the first time. This time you’ll everything the Reaper says, that he’s a doctor.

Enter the door to exit the vision.

Cathedral of St. Steven

Click on the raven, grab the Torn Page and read it. Go inside the Cathedral and show the Torn Page to Jess. Look at the wreckage to the right and grab the loose piece of Shrapnel. Exit the Cathedral and go to Sector 67.

Sector 67

Shardlight Sector 67

Look at the junk in the middle and grab the Record Arm. Walk to the right and look at the painting. Use the Shrapnel on the eyes of the painting to reveal items hidden behind them. Grab the Key and the Coin. Have a look at the Coin in your inventory to see the symbol.

Salt Flats

Leave Sector 67 and go back to the Salt Flats where the train is located. Notice the logo on the train is the same as the symbol on the coin. Use the Coin on the logo. Use the Key on the train door.

Open the door to go further into the train. Open the next door to go to the next cabin. Have a look at the notice on the wall.

Shardlight Train Notice

Walk back to the front section of the train and look at the control panel. Hit button 2, 5 and then 1 as in the diagram and the pull the lever. The buttons are numbered from left to right and top to bottom.

Exit, head into the next cabin and look at the open hatch. Follow the woman through to the next cabin and talk to her.

Look at the record player to the right and use the Record Arm on the bracket. Talk to the woman again. Show her the Coin and she’ll be you some information about the underground train network. Exit the train, go to the map and visit Wally’s,

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