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Shardlight Wally's

Have a look at the sign to the left. The letter ‘L’ is hanging loose. Use the Crossbow on the letter. Pick up the Letter and then head down in the subway.

Use the Letter ‘L’ on the water to make a small bridge across and then use the Coin on the slot next to the turnstile and go through.¬†Click on the rubble to climb up it to a higher level.

Shardlight Subway

Use the Shrapnel in your inventory on the Rope to the left of the hole. Grab the Baseball Bat and head up the stairs.

Use the Shrapnel on the refrigerator to find a Fuse. Use the Baseball Bat on the glass case and grab the Anchor inside. Have a look at the panel to the left of the lift and use the Shrapnel on the panel to open it and have a look inside. Use the Fuse on the panel to open the lift doors.

When you come out of the elevator use the Rope on the Anchor in your inventory and throw the Anchor up to the girder(the metal beam). Climb up the rope, walk to the right and have a look at the workbench. Examine all of the items on the workbench and then exit from the screen. The Reaper will return. Exhaust all dialogue with him and then exit through the door to the right.

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