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Shardlight Quarantine Zone

Speak with the Cart Operator and let him know you want to enter the Quarantine Zone. He won’t let you in so use your Walkie Talkie to talk to the Reaper. That’s as far as you can get here right now so exit the area to the right and go to Sector 67.

Sector 67

Have a look at the corpse next to you. Call the Reaper on the Walkie Talkie. He’ll sever an arm and give it to you. Yuck! Head to the subway.


Enter the Roth St. subway and go through the turnstile. Examine the mannequin lying on the floor next to the rubble and take its Gloves. Go back out the way you came and return to the Quarantine Zone.

Quarantine Zone

In your inventory put the Gloves on the Severed Arm. Use the Severed Arm on the Cart Operator to get inside the zone. As soon as you enter you’ll be mugged and all of your things, apart from the arm, will be stolen.

Enter the door to the right, with the hanged-man inside and and look in the boxes on the shelf for some Servos. Gordon will come out. Talk to Gordon about everything. Leave the building, walk to the right and go up the street to ground zero.

Enter the Foodarama. Rita will tell you to leave. Go out the doors and come back in again. She’ll tell you about the dead disposal chute. Head back to the right, enter the building with Gordon and talk to him again. You’ll both go to have a look at the chute.

Walk across to the right and enter the Foodarama. This time Rita’s not there. Walk to the next room to the right.

Shardlight Foodarama

Grab the Kettle from the bench and exit to the left. Have a look at the shelf to find a Jug of Water. Walk back to the fire at the entrance to the Quarantine Zone. Use the Jug of Water on the Kettle and put the Kettle over the fire.

Enter the Foodarama and give the Kettle to Rita. Exit the store and use the Crossbow on the switch above the chute.

Amy and Gordon will slide down the chute. Use the Severed Arm on the hanging body. Examine the body for some Rope. Use the Rope on the Crossbow and then the Crossbow on the chute to get Gordon across. Exit out the door to the subway.

Look at the debris. Talk to Gordon and ask him to help you move the debris. Look in the crawlspace and get the rusty Metal Bar.

Walk down the tunnel and use the Metal Bar on the rubble a few times to clear the exit. You’ll both go to see the Doctor(Reaper). Continue in the section with the final part of this walkthrough.

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