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Shardlight Reactor 1

After climbing down the stairs click on the door to open it and head through. In order to interact with items click on the LMB (Left Mouse Button), to examine items click the RMB.

A part of the roof will collapse. Continue past it down the passage to the right. Speak to the injured man. Have a look at the reactor to the right. It needs a code to fix it. Speak with the man again and you’ll find out the code is the reactor’s serial number.

The man also gives you a Crossbow. Move your mouse to the top of the screen to view your inventory. Examine the corpse by the pool to find some Crossbow Bolts.

Go back down the passage and out the door to the left. Have a look at the controls to the left of the door.

Shardlight Reactor 2

Click on the switch to ‘Exhaust’ and click the ‘Speed’ dial three times until the black mark is to the top left. Head out the door. Click on the cord dangling down just to the right of the door. A bit of Paper will fall down. Pick it up.

Walk through the door to the left and use the Crossbow to shoot the lamp. The lamp will fall to the floor. Click on the lamp to take out the Candle and your Crossbow Bolt. Look at the box to the left of the control. Use the Paper on the panel and then the Candle on the paper. You will take an etching of the serial number.

Go back to the reactor and enter the serial number as the code ‘2 7 9 4’. The reactor will start up again. Talk to the man and he’ll give a Letter for Danton in the Market District. He also wants you to shoot him in the head to put him out of his misery.

Select your Crossbow and click on the man. This ends the prologue of Shardlight. We’ll continue in the next part where you get to explore the surrounding city a little bit more.

Next Part: Danton’s Letter