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Speak with Danton about everything including how to get into the Ministry of Medicine. A doctor from the Ministry is set to meet one of the Aristocracy who is showing signs of Green Lung. You must intercept the doctor who is staying at Fripp Square and find a way into the Ministry.

As you head out of the alley the bell will sound and a guard will try and talk to Marichka. Leave the market and make your way to the Ministry of Medicine.

Ministy of Medicine

Shardlight Ministry of Medicine

Speak with the guard at the guardhouse about everything. Use the Crossbow on the statue above the entrance to the Ministry. While the guard is cleaning up the mess enter the guardhouse to have a look at the ledger. Silas Harrison has an appointment with a doctor in the evening. Leave the area.

Fripp Square

Head to Fripp Square and speak with the Newsman. Walk to the right and speak with the Old man. Neither of of them will tell you where Harrison lives so leave the Square and go back to the market.

Market District

Talk to Marichka and ask if she has any vegetables to feed the ravens. She’ll give you a bag of Sprouts. Now that you have the sprouts head back to the Square.

Fripp Square

Give the bag of Sprouts to Max Huber, the Old Man. Walk to the left and try to talk to the ladies sitting on the bench.

Shardlight Ladies

Ask Max about the two ladies. He says they constantly chatter about things when a news announcement is made. Also ask him about the raven that’s not eating. He will try to feed it and the other ravens will knock over the waste bin.

Give the Ledger page to the Newsman. He’ll make an announcement about it. Now head over to the two ladies and begin to clean up the waste bin so you can hear their conversation. You’ll find out Harrison lives on Thredson Street. Exit the Square and go to Harrison Manor.

Harrison Manor

You’re too late to intercept the doctor so go around the mansion to the left and sneak a peek through one of the end windows.

Shardlight Mansion

Walk back to the front and watch the Doctor leave. Go back around the side of the mansion and look in the first window. This window’s unlocked. Enter the mansion and pick up the Ladle hanging on the wall.

Open the window that looks out to the front garden. Use the Ladle to ring the bell. This time the butler should be able to hear it.

Exit out the window you came through and peek through the far window into the bedroom. Once Harrison is asleep open the window. Take the Card from the table. Climb out the window, go to the manor front and leave the area.

Centrex Factory

Head back to the Centrex factory and enter the doors to the right. Give the Card to Denby and he’ll change the name to yours.

Ministry of Medicine

Head over to the Ministry of Medicine and give the Card to the guard at the guardhouse. He’ll let you in the front doors.

Shardlight Ministry of Medicine Reception

The receptionist will question why you are here. Tell him the password, that you have the perfect life. Ask him about everything and then look at the panel on the wall to find the Staff Locker Room.

Ask for directions to the Staff Locker Room, Dr Collins’ Office and the Central Storage Room. You don’t have clearance for the Central Storage yet so click on the Staff Locker Room button to go there.

Look in the open locker and Amy will discover how the lock mechanism works. Use the Card on Locker 4 to find some Fancy Clothes. Have a look at the cart and grab the Rag, Tin and Bottle. Search the bag to the left to find a Pair of Shoes. Use the Fancy Clothes on the bathroom to get changed.

Look at the Panel on the wall once more and select Dr. Collins’ Office. Click on the reception window and tell the lady that you have an appointment with the Doctor. Take a seat and listen to the conversation. When your name is called go into the Doctor’s office.

Shardlight Doctor's Office

Take a look at the table and examine the notepad. You’ll get the password for the Central Storage. Have a look at the examining table and Dr. Collins will come in.

Back in the Doctor’s reception room knock on the reception window and schedule another appointment. You’ll get to have a look at the calendar for Dr Collins’ appointments. Click on a free date to schedule an appointment.

Go to the panel on the wall and request directions. Say ‘Medulla Oblongata’ to be given access to Central Storage. Click on it to go there.

Look at the terminal. You won’t be able to get into storage without the code unless there’s an emergency. Pick up the Boxcutter from the trolley. Use the Boxcutter on the wire to the right of the red alarm.

Use the Rag on the red alarm. Put the Floor Cleaner in the Bucket. Put the Medical Form in the Bucket. Place the Bucket on the floor under the smoke alarm. Use the Flintlock Pistol on the bucket to start a fire.

Click on the terminal and use the Emergency Override to open the doors. Have a look at the storage vault. Guards will capture you and you’ll be taken to Rockwall Prison.

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