Leuvaarden will give you this quest after speaking with him at the Posh Reception. He mentions a Salamandra Hideout somewhere in the Swamp Forest. When you get to the Swamp make your way to Vaska (#1) to find out what’s been going on. She tells you about the Brickmakers who have been captured by the Salamandra. They’ve been sent off to work in three different locations, the Cave (#2), the Glade (#3) and the Camp to the north of the collapsed tower (#4).

Make your way to each location and kill the Salamandra. Once you do that the Brickmakers will be freed. In the Cave (#2) you’ll also find the lost boy that Vaska was looking for. This is for the A Lost Lamb quest in Chapter 2.

Make your way back to Vaska and tell her the good news. She’ll reward you with the book Hymns of Madness and Despair and a weird blessing. That’s all for this quest!

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