Secrets: 2 Golden Roses

You’re back in the Submarine although things have changed a little. Some of the passages are blocked and there are dangling wires making some areas dangerous to navigate.

Immediately turn around and walk down the corridor straight ahead. Climb down the ladder and follow the passage through the Torpedo Room. Kill the Soldier at the end of the corridor. He drops Uzi Clips. Another Soldier attacks from the right and he drops Desert Eagle Clips.

Follow the passage to the right and climb up the ladder. Take the first right into the Flaming Corridor. Take a standing jump over the first flame and enter the Storeroom to the left. Search the shelves on the right for the Uzis.

Go back to the Flaming Corridor and jump over the second flame to the Mess Hall. You’ll see a cut-scene of live wires dropping into the water. If you touch the water you’ll be electrocuted.

Take 3 standing jumps across the tables directly ahead. Turn diagonally to the right and take a running jump with Action into the passage just next to the dangling wires.

Turn right at the t-junction and kill the Soldier in the room around the corner. He drops a Swipe Card. Search the shelves for a Small Medipack.

Run back to the intersection and return to the Mess Hall. Take standing jumps to the table ahead, the table to the right and then the two tables leading back to the Flaming Corridor. Take 2 standing jumps over both of the flames and at the t-junction at the end turn right.

Follow the passage around to another t-junction and turn left. Use the Swipe Card on the slot to open the door. Enter, continue forwards and climb up the ladder. Follow the passage forwards and around to the right to the Periscope Room.

Run to the other side of the room and turn the Wheel to open the hatch. You’ll have a chat with the Admiral. At the end of the cut-scene you’ll be given a Silver Key.

Return to the Periscope Room and stand on the table in the far left corner. Jump up to shoot the vent and take a standing jump from the table to grab onto the edge.

Pull up and crawl through the ducts to the right. At the end of the passage open the trapdoor and drop down.

Jump up to grab the Switch on the wall to the right which turns of the power in this section. Climb back onto the crate and into the ducts. Crawl back through and get drop back into the Periscope Room.

Run through the passage on the left and take the first right. Now the dangling wires have no electricity running through them so you can access this Control Room. Look around for a Large Medipack, Desert Eagle Clips and a Desert Eagle Pistol. On top of the far right console you’ll find a Nitrogen Canister.

Leave the room, take a right and then climb down the ladder. Continue forwards and take the first right and then the next left to the Flaming Corridor. Take two standing jumps over the flames back to the Mess Hall. The Mess Hall is now safe to run through.

Go into the Kitchen on the left side of the Mess Hall to find Golden Rose #1. Leave the Kitchen and go back the way you came, taking jumps over the flames in the Flaming Corridor. Take a right at the t-junction and follow the passage around to another t-junction. Go through the door on the left and take the first right.

Past the dangling wires in the corridor is a locked door. Use the Silver Key to unlock it and go inside to the Stateroom. Search the cabinets on the left for a Small Medipack and the cabinets on the right for an Oxygen Canister.

As you leave this room 2 Soldiers will attach you in the corridor. Pick up the Bronze Key that one of them drops. Climb up the ladder to the right and continue forwards and around the corner to the Periscope Room.

Once more jump onto the table and jump across to pull up into the ducts. Crawl around to the right and drop down into a Storeroom. Use the Bronze Key to open the door and search the drawers for Golden Rose #2.

Leave the room and climb back into the ducts. Drop back into the Periscope Room and run into the room to the right with the Admiral. Climb up the ladder. Use the Nitrogen Canister on the slot to the left and the Oxygen Canister on the slot to the right. This begins a cut-scene and ends this episode.

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