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For this level you’ll be able to make good use of Thor’s Hammer. Press ‘R’ to change weapon twice and Lara will pull out the hammer. You can perform a regular ranged attack with it or press ‘E’ while targeting an enemy to do a ground pound.

When you climb onto the ship head down the stairs and clear out the enemies below. This ship is almost identical to Amanda’s other ship.

Climb onto the crates for a Health Pack and make your way towards the rear end of the ship. Take out all the enemies and head down the stairs to the helipad.

Grab the Health Pack and head down the two sets of stairs. Continue to the rear end of the ship and enter through the white doors.

You’ll need to clear out more enemies along the way but Thor’s Hammer should make that task pretty simple. Eventually you’ll find Natla in a sealed glass container and a cutscene will begin.

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