In the first level of the game there are 15 experience potions to grab and no enemies at all to worry about. This level serves as an introduction to the abilities of the heroes and shows you how they become entwined together in this adventure. I’ll list the experience potions below.


1) The first potion is on the first ledge to the right.

2) On the third ledge from the start. Walk onto the rock to jump up to it.

3) Just in front of the castle entrance. You’ll need to swing from the ledge in front of it and jump to grab it.

4) On a wooden beam. Use your arrows to shoot it off.

5) On a giant hammer. Use an arrow to cut through the rope to set it free. The hammer will also crash through a door, giving you access to the central treasure chamber that lies within.


6) In the first room of the castle. Jump on the crate on the floor then over to the ledge to grab it.

7) From potion 1 continue along the ledges and push over the ramp to grab the potion on the right hand side.

8) In the second room create a cube next to the first ledge. Jump on it and up to the first ledge on the left to grab the potion.

9) Pull down the left side of the scales with the wizard’s ability and jump across to the potion on the ledge to the left

10) Same room as 3 and 4. Flip the board the potion is sitting on with telekinesis to send it rolling to the ground.


11) In the second room jump straight up to bash the planks the potion is resting on.

12) Same room as 2. Fall down the wooden planks and bash the wooden board at the end.

13) Walk to the right at ground level.

14) Walk up the plank and jump up to cut the rope. The hammer will release and knock off the fourth potion.

15) Walk to the right, blocking the fireballs as you go. Jump straight up from the keg that is shooting fireballs and cut the rope.

That’s all for this level. Continue on to the Academy Halls.