Trine level 8, the Throne of the Lost King is a dark and difficult level with lots of spinning platforms, cogs and skeletons grouped closer together. There’s 25 experience potions to find and 2 secret chests.


1) The first secret chest is found with potions 2 and 3. It contains the Statue of Eagle which reduces the mana cost of summoned items.

2) On a rock platform with potions 23 and 24. Inside is the Blue Masterstone which increases the wizards boxes by one or the Zoya’s regular arrows by one.



Trine Level 8 Potion 1Jump across the spinning boards and the potion is under one of the platforms. Watch out for falling spiky balls as you jump across.


Trine Level 8 Potion 2 and 3 and secret 1Under the next platform. Move the giant stone to get in there. A chest is also here with the Statue of Eagle.

3) Next to potion 2.


Trine Level 8 Potion 4On a board between the two platforms next to two stacked boxes. Use the wizard to knock it off.


Trine Level 8 Potion 5Jump to the top left from potion 4.


Trine Level 8 Potion 6

Keep swinging to the right and the 6th potion is on a beam above a giant spiked ball.


Trine Level 8 Potion 7Keep jumping to the platforms to the right for the next potion.


Trine Level 8 Potion 8Behind a giant stone in the far right of the area. A lot of skeletons will spawn here.


Trine Level 8 Potion 9, 10 and 11The next 3 potions are over the checkpoint. Use Amadeus or Zoya with her arrows to push the beams over so you can climb over them. Use an arrow to shoot this potion off.

10) To the right of potion 9.

11) Next to potion 10.


Trine Level 8 Potion 12Drop down to find potion 12 on a ledge to the left. Underneath this turning mechanism is a button. Place a box on it so you can open the gate to the top right.


Trine Level 8 Potion 13 and 14Use Zoya to swing across the ledges, dodging the swinging axes. On one of the platforms will be a chest with the Fast Quiver skill for her. The next two potions are a couple of platforms over to the right.

14) Next to potion 13.


Trine Level 8 Potion 15On a ledge high above the next checkpoint.


Trine Level 8 Potion 16Swing across to the next floating platform for potion 16.


Trine Level 8 Potion 17

On a platform next to the closed gate. Jump over it from one of the high wooden platforms.


Trine Level 8 Potion 18The other side of the closed gate.


Trine Level 8 Potion 19To the far right. Grab it before you fall down on the elevator.

20) As you drop down the elevator run to the left to pick up the two potions on a ledge.

21) Next to potion 20.


Trine Level 8 Potion 20On a box after the first two cogs.


Trine Level 8 Potion 21Put planks on the small cogs to stop them spinning so fast when you walk on them. The potion is on a rock platform above the second set of two small cogs.

24) Next to potion 23.

25) Right before the end of the level. You can’t miss it.

That’s it for level 8, continue on to the Fangle Forest.