The Heartland Mines is a challenging level with many drops to your death. The new wizard spell to cast floating platforms comes in handy. You can upgrade this to make it out of wood so Zoya can grapple onto it.



Trine Level 12 Secret 1The first secret is located on a ledge above where the mine cart falls off the tracks. Inside is the Orb of Mana which increases maximum mana by 10%.

2) The second secret chest is found with potions 23 and 24. Inside is the Pendant of the Guardian which increases maximum mana by 15%.


1) Walk to the left for the first potion which is found on a wooden structure.


Trine Level 12 Potion 1Put a plank on the side of the cog so you can get onto it. the potion is on a ledge at the top.


Trine Level 12 Potion 2 and 3To the right of the platform elevator as it drops down. Zoya should be able to grapple onto the platform fairly easily.

4) Next to potion 2.


Trine Level 12 Potion 4Inside a small wooden area below potion 2 and 3. You’ll need to enter it from below.


Trine Level 12 Potion 5To the bottom left of this wooden area behind a large wooden plank.


Trine Level 12 Potion 6The boards to the left of the button can be broken. Use Zoya to grapple down to the potion.


Trine Level 12 Potion 7As you work your way up the area with lots of skeletons spawning use Zoya to shoot an arrow which will push the potion out of the sealed area.


Trine Level 12 Potion 8The top left of the same area near the swinging spiked ball.


Trine Level 12 Potion 9In the mine cart.


Trine Level 12 Potion 10On a platform below where the mine cart is destroyed.


Trine Level 12 Potion 11On a rock ledge below potion 11.


Trine Level 12 Potion 12On the first platform on the left in the area with small cogs. Use the wizard to plank up this area and make it safer.


Trine Level 12 Potion 13Continue to the right for the next potion.


Trine Level 12 Potion 14 and 15On the cliff above where the wizards learns the floating platform spell. It’s a good time to put it into practice.

16) Next to potion 14.


Level 12 Potion 16, 17 and 18Ride the platform across to the right and use another floating platform to reach the next two potions.

18) Next to potion 16.

19) On the rock above the two previous potions.


Level 12 Potion 19 and 20Hidden behind a board in the area with lots of platforms and skeletons. Use Zoya to shoot a fire arrow at it and break the boards.

21)Trine Level 12 Potion 21

To the top left of this area on top of a rock outcropping.

22) To the left of potion 20.

23) Next to potion 21.


Trine Level 12 Potion 22 and 23 and secret 2Use the platform on a swing to work you way down to the bottom right for the next two potions and a secret.

25) Next to potion 23.

Continue on to the next level, the Bramblestoke Village.