The Fangle Forest is a little easier than the previous levels and there’s not too much that will cause you trouble here. Lots of easy potions to grab and some nice treasure as well!



Trine Level 9 Secret 1

After entering the underground cavern after potion 6 you’ll find the chest on an island in the middle of a lake. Inside is the Scales of Fish which lets the wearer breathe underwater for an unlimited amount of time.

2) To get to the second chest you’ll have to swim through the water. See the instructions for getting potions 24 to 27 as this chest is in the same area. Inside you’ll find the Necklace of Power which increases damage for weapons that use mana.



Level 9 Potion 1The first potion is found hidden behind some leave to the left of the start point. Use the thief to grapple up to it.


Level 9 Potion 2On a wooden beam above a pit of spikes. Grapple up to it or knock it off with a box or an arrow.


Level 9 Potion 3On a platform above the next pit of spikes.


Level 9 Potion 4On the ground on the other side of the spikes.


Level 9 Potion 5 and 6Just before the first checkpoint to the left of the moving platform.

6) Next to potion 5.


Trine Level 9 Potion 7To the left of the first secret chest.


Trine Level 9 Potion 8 and 9Dive straight down for potions 8 and 9 hidden at the bottom of a lake behind a branch.

9) Next to potion 8.


Trine Level 9 Potion 10Under the water to the right.


Trine Level 9 Potion 11Once you come back out into the forest the potion is on the other side of a pit of spikes.


Trine Level 9 Potion 12Grapple straight up before attempting to cross the spikes at potion 11.


Trine Level 9 Potion 13On a branch higher and to the right of potion 12.


Trine Level 9 Potion 14On a branch just past the next pit.


Trine Level 9 Potion 15 and 16On a rock ledge just before going into another underground cavern.

16) Next to potion 15.


Trine Level 9 Potion 17To the right of the first bridge down.


Trine Level 9 Potion 18On the left side of the same bridge.


Trine Level 9 Potion 19 and 20After coming out into the forest once more the next two potions are on a wooden beam above the first spiked pit.

20) Next to potion 19.


Trine Level 9 Potion 21On a branch after the long bridge.


Trine Level 9 Potion 22Dive down and swim to the right for potion 22.


Trine Level 9 Potion 23To the bottom of the lake is the next potion.


Trine Level 9 Potion 24, 25, 26 and 27 and secret 2

Swim as far as you can to the right for potion 24 and 25.

25) Next to potion 24.

26) Under potion 26 is a hole in the boards so you can swim up to it.

27) To the right of potion 26. This is also the location of secret chest 2.


Trine Level 9 Potion 28On a branch in the area with lots of spider webs.


Trine Level 9 Potion 29On the other side of a large gap once exiting the spider web area.


Trine Level 9 Potion 30On the flappy platforms just before the last checkpoint.

Now that you’ve made it through Fangle Forest it’s time to head into the Shadowthorn Thicket.