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Collectibles: 3

Chapter 12 is a running boss battle with Sora, Kaiho’s general. For the first part of this area there are no guards but you will need to dash from location to location to avoid being shot by Sora’s light arrows. When you get close to the archer’s tower she’ll blink to one further away.

When you reach the path along the side of the cliff look for a cave entrance above for the first Scroll. The cave is about 20 meters before the wooden bridge.

On the other side of the bridges you’ll reach the second area. Sora will still be firing arrows at you but you’ll also need to dodge past the patrolling guards. Using Kage here is a good idea. You can sprint and only have to worry about Sora.

Once you reach the building ahead she’ll blink away. Leap up to the platform behind the building to find the second Scroll.

Drop down on the other side and use the objective marker to make your way towards the final Scroll. It’s located in a building guarded by a single guard with another one patrolling close by.

Once you have it make your way towards the area exit. Sora will still be trying to find you but it’s much easier to avoid her with all the buildings blocking her view.

The temple is the final area for this chapter. Just outside you’ll find a shrine where you can replenish your skills.

There’s a large open courtyard in the center with platforms to the right and left. You’ll need to go up both sides to break the Orbs on the upper platforms.

It’s difficult to get up to each Orb, especially with Sora trying to target you along the way. Taking out each guard along the way will make your job much easier.

Once you’ve destroyed the light barrier shadow dash across to the central platform and make your way towards the stairs to end the chapter.

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