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Collectibles: 6

Walk down the steps and look out over the area. Leap down to the right and then up to the red arch. From here leap across to the platform and down under the bridge where you’ll find the first Scroll.

From here you need to find the exit for this area, which is straight ahead. There’s a guard standing in the way so you’ll need to divert your path around him to the left or right. I found it easier to leap around to the right and then come up to the exit behind him.

Once you reach the exit you’ll overhear two men talking. You can stop and listen if you want but it’s easier to dodge past them when they’re still talking.

Drop down to the right and follow the wall to the right. When the coast is clear place some shadow down and leap to it so you can leap to the steps. Leap up to the red arch and then down into the hidden path to the left.

Follow the path along to a courtyard and drop down. Shadow leap through the gate to the first shrine. Using the shrine replenishes any skill points you’ve used up. Only some skills use skill points. When a skill is active the number of circles on your cloak shows you how many uses are left.

Go back through the same gate and then up the stone steps. Dodge around the guards until you come to a large flat stone. Leap onto the rooftop behind it. You’ll see a large building behind it.

Run up to the building for the second Scroll. Go back the way you came and drop down to the shadow behind the large stone. Make your way around to the right until you come to the canal. Follow the path along the canal and enter the room on the left for the third Scroll.

Leave and go back along the canal the way you came. Go through the gate by the waterfall to enter the courtyard. Head to the building in front of way and walk down into the room to find the Chimes. You can use these to momentarily distract nearby guards. Use the Chimes to distract the guard and then shadow leap out of the building.

Use the shadows next to the statues to shadow leap down the left side of the courtyard to the other side. You’ll notice two guards chatting. Wait for them to finish and then shadow leap next to the guard that stays still. There’s a Scroll right next to him. Crouch down next to the statue and grab it.

Once you have it go through the exit with the red arch and take the first left for the fifth Scroll. When you pick up the scroll turn around and go straight forwards. When you come to the t-junction take a right. This is a slight detour for the final scroll.

This narrow and long yard has quite a few guards keeping watch. Having skills such as Invisibility can save you from being caught when you going for scrolls out in the open. Shadow leap down the yard and across the small stream. Wait for the guard to walk away, create a shadow by the altar and leap to it. Quickly grab the Scroll and follow the guard that walked away.

Leap through the gate in front of the guard. There’s another Shrine here that you can use to replenish your skills. Go back through the gate and to the other side of the yard.

Head through the passage with the red arches and continue forwards at the intersection. This takes you to the other end of the canal. Go over the bridge, up to the cliff on the right and down into the next yard. This is the yard where you found the first Shrine.

This time go down the steps towards the guard. Leap up to the red arch and down the other side. Head down another set of steps and take a brief detour to look at the large statue. When you’re done shadow leap past the guard under the red arch to complete the mission.

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