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Collectibles: 4

Head through the exit to the left to meet Yamiko for a short cut-scene. Pick up the Scroll. This is the first collectible and can be used for getting new skills.

If you’re using the keyboard press F1 to open the skill tree. For the first point you’ll need to invest it in Shadow Creation. This lets you create shadows at a distance so you can leap to them.

Create a shadow on the other side of the gate and leap through. Leap through the next gate once your essence has restored and create a shadow on the ledge so you can leap up to it.

Follow Yamiko to the right as she looks out towards the building. Leap through the shadows on the left side of the courtyard, avoiding the patrolling soldiers as you go. If you leap to a shadow just behind a soldier they won’t notice you.

Continue down the path towards the building and you’ll notice the second Scroll on the ground between two dragon heads.

Listen to the two men by the entrance to the building if you want, then shadow leap behind them and through the gap above the door.

Leap across the rafters and drop down behind the two guards talking. Go through the gate to the left and approach the Raven. The Raven will fly away. Use the rafters to make your way to the rear of the building and exit through the hole in the wall.

Quickly shadow leap across the platforms and up through the trapdoor. Create a shadows on the ledge opposite and leap across. Create Shadow on the grass and leap across.

After the flashback continue forwards through the ravine. When you reach the outpost you’ll need to shadow leap onto the red arch in front of you.

You can press C to see the locations of any objectives. For this section you’ll need to make your way up the path while avoiding the patrolling soldiers. You can skip sections of the path, and the soldiers, by shadow leaping directly up the cliff.

On top of the hill wait for the soldiers to turn away and quickly grab the Scroll on the left side.

Shadow leap past the second guard and onto the ledge to the right. Follow Yamiko across the gaps and over the shaky pillars. On the other side enter the cave to the right for the fourth and final Scroll for this chapter.

Continue forwards to complete the chapter.

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