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Collectibles: 5

In these woods the Kaiho have archers up in the trees. If they think they hear or see something they’ll shoot light arrows to light up the area. To disable the light barriers you’ll need to break the light orbs that hold them in place.

The first orb is straight ahead. When the guard turns around shadow leap towards him and then to the orb on the pedestal to the left. Break it to disable the light barrier and shadow leap through.

Run down the path and shadow leap through the bamboo. Take the first left to some small ruins with the first Scroll.

Go back to the main path and continue along it. Leap through the next set of bamboo trees and you’ll be on a hill overlooking the outpost. To make it through you’ll need to disable two light barriers. There locations should be marked on your screen when you press ‘C’.

The nearest Orb is under a platform with an archer on top. Just to the right of it you’ll find the second Scroll. Use invisibility to break the Orb and grab the scroll if you’re worried about the nearby guards.

The second Orb is on a platform further away. You can just make it out in the picture above. Shadow leap through the shadows towards the platform.

Shadow leap up to the platform and break the Orb while the guard is away. Quickly drop down and head towards the exit for this area which is a path behind a little house.

You’ll reach a small cave where you find the next Talisman. After the short cut-scene instead of continuing along the path shadow leap through the gap in the rocks for a hidden path where you’ll find a Scroll.

Shadow leap back and then follow Yamiko up the path. Leap across the pillars before they collapse and then out to the cave exit. There’s a Shrine as soon as you come out.

There’s nothing in the next area except guards so carefully make your way across the shadows to the area exit. To get there you’ll need to shadow leap through some bamboo shoots.

In this area you’ll need to disable a light barriers and pick up the last two scrolls.

For the first scroll head towards the large house at the back. Sneak in past the guards and enter the room to the left. Shadow leap through the ceiling and go out the window to the back yard. You can drop down here for the fourth Scroll.

Now head towards the large circular building. There’s a hidden entrance through a gap in one of the walls, or you can just go through the front.

For the last scroll make your way around to the left of the main entrance. The scroll is on a table but a Guard is nearby. Use the Chimes to draw him away. Quickly dash around the other way and pick up the Scroll.

Take the stairs up to the top for a Shrine. Break the Orb to disable the light barrier that protects the bridge mechanism. Leap through the trapdoor to the roof to see where you need to go next.

Drop down and make your way up to the walkway. You have a few options here. I find it’s easiest to dash past the Archer and use Invisibility to pull the lever that lowers the bridge.

Drop down, shadow leap through the gate and head across the bridge to complete the chapter.

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