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Collectibles: 5

Head along the path and shadow leap past the guard and archer or kill them along the way. Drop down on the left. side and distract the guards so you can get through the small tunnel.

Enter the shack on the right for the first Scroll. Leave and dash towards the river. Shadow leap onto the ruined building and then past the guard in front of the tunnel when the archer on the platform isn’t watching.

Run up the tunnel and break the Orb at the top. Run back down and move towards the area exit. You’ll need to head back the way you came and either sneak up the ramp or shadow leap up to the walkway. Head across the walkway and into another tunnel. Distract the guard standing at the exit and head through.

Make your way across the walkway to the path to the next area. You’ll come across a shrine along the way.

For this area I preferred to make my way across the platforms with the archers. Head to the small ruined building in the right corner for another Scroll.

Make your way to the gate on the other side of the camp and shadow leap through. Run along the path to the next area.

To get a good view of where you need to go head up the hill to the left. From the gazebo you can see the entire area.

You need to reach the lever so you can lower the bridge. There’s also a Scroll inside the main area next to two dummies. Enter through the main gate and then sneak up the walkways. Turn the gear to lower the bridge and then drop down. Shadow leap across to the bridge and head to the next area.

When you meet Yamiko there are two paths to take. The one to the left over the bridge or the one to the right under the red arches. I found the path with the arches easier.

Make your way past the arches and when you reach the cart by the arch you’ll notice a Scroll on an island to the left.

The river is too wide to dash across so continue forwards until you can dash over a broken bridge. From here you can reach the spot with the Scroll.

Dash back and head towards the Orb. You may need to distract the nearest guard before breaking it.

Before heading into the tower sneak around the back for a Scroll. Head back to the entrance and shadow dash through the front gate.

Make your way up the stairs and then take a shortcut by shadow leaping through the hole in the roof.

Head outside and walk around the edge until you find a break in the roof above so you can shadow leap up. Sneak past the guard or take him out, enter the building and head up the stairs.

Shadow dash through the hole in the roof and walk towards the table to find the last Talisman.

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