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Collectibles: 6

During the initial cut-scene you’ll see Kaiho’s Last Captain kneeling down at a gravestone. He tells his soldiers to be prepared for your arrival and then walks off. Run up to the gravestone and pick up the first Scroll behind it.

Continue down the path to an arch with a cemetery behind it. Use the shadows of the gravestones to shadow leap towards the tree in the center near to where the two men are talking. When you get close use Kage to turn invisible and grab the second Scroll.

Continue across to the other side of the cemetery and head out through the bamboo gates. Run up to the sword in the ground for a new memory.

Use the shrine to refresh your abilities if you want and then get ready to sneak through the soldiers camp.

Blink over the broken bridge and hide behind the rock. You’ll find the third Scroll in the house on the right.

Watch out for the patrolling soldier and then shadow leap onto the roof. Sneak around to the back and go through the window. Blink through the grate to the ground floor and pick up the fourth Scroll.

Blink back up and then onto the platform with the archer. Take him out or sneak past him. Then blink down to the curtained off area with the Orb.

Break the Orb and very carefully leave this curtained area. At the back of this area near to the wall is another Orb. To get past the patrolling guards you may need to use Kage or other distractions. Head to the wooden structure at the back and break the second Orb when the guards aren’t watching.

Sneak along the wall and shadow leap through the gate by the river. There is a shrine here where you can replenish your skills.

Archers look over the rooftops from above and guards patrol below. It’s still easiest to move along the dark shadows on the rooftops.

Use the objective markers to find the Orb and Scrolls in this area. One of the Orbs is in the top floor of a building and the fifth Scroll is on the lower floor.

Continue to a building in the back corner for the final Scroll. It’s in a building on the other side of a small courtyard. Use a distraction or Kage to sneak past the guards.

Continue over the bridge and into the small building to disable the second Orb. Make your way back and head up the steps to the exit.

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