Bad Neighborhood (Mission 8)

Your objective is to remove all GDI forces from the area. You have a little bit of time to build up your base as you won’t be attacked until either the GDI or civilians spot you.

Deploy your MCV and then build a Power Plant, Refiner and Hand of Nod. Start building a second Refinery straight away. There is a lot of Tiberium to the east of your base.

Build an Obelisk to the north and north east of your base to take out the Mammoth Tanks that will start attacking. Send out a Recon Scout to explore the map. The GDI base is located in the north east. There’s more Tiberium to the north west.

Build a Stealth Tank and carefully take it around to the back of the GDI base. In a fenced off area you’ll find a crate with 2,000 credits.

Use the Stealth Tank to find the Construction Yard. It’s near to the Weapon’s Factory and Barracks. Build the Temple of Nod and Nuke the GDI base. You should be able to take out the Barracks, Weapon’s Factory, Construction Yard and Orcas all at the same time.

Wait for the counter attack so your Obelisk can deal with them. Then send out your own forces to finish off the GDI Base. Once the map is clear of GDI buildings and units the mission will be complete.

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